Orbit Culture – The Forgotten


I’m absolutely obsessed with a Swedish band named Orbit Culture, and I’ve only just recently heard them for the first time. One of the genre tags attached to them is Melodic Death Metal, but that’s only scratching the surface of what they do.

Artist: Orbit Culture

Release Name: The Forgotten

Release Date: December 1st, 2023

Location: Eksjö, Sweden

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Label: Seek And Strike

Written By: Tom Hanno/Tom’s Reviews

Orbit Culture is an incredible band in my opinion, and the three tracks on The Forgotten are crushing proof of that claim. I hadn’t heard of them until Fear Factory announced that they were taking them out on tour, and my love of F.F. sent me out in search of this “unknown to me” band.

The first track that I found is the one that opens The Forgotten, and “While We Serve” was the perfect way to hear O.C. for the first time. The sounds that we hear during the intro could be compared to Fear Factory, but that comparison lessens when the riffs begin. The vocal work is reminiscent of Avatar and Lamb Of God, but the overall vibe is heavier than either of those bands. The Industrial effects add another level of excellence to the track, making it my favorite one.

“The Upheaval” and “Sound Of The Bell” are also top notch Metal, and include a Nű-Metal tone thanks to the inclusion of some excellent clean vocals; the extreme vocals then find themselves being perfectly complemented by those cleans. The fact that each of these tracks have their own identity only adds to how much I enjoy them, “Sound Of The Bell” being the one that stands out the most in that way. The last few minutes of it ranges from beautiful to devastating, serving to close out the EP in grand style.

So if you like heavy riffs, extreme and clean vocals, and a touch of Industrial in the vein of Fear Factory, then Orbit Culture is your new favorite band!! I also highly suggest that you investigate their earlier albums after listening to The Forgotten, as this band hasn’t put out a bad song to date!!! Enjoy!!

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