Obsidian Hooves – Morbidity


Artist: Obsidian Hooves

Album: Morbidity

Label: Morbid Chapel Records

Release Date: 03/11/2021

Country: United States

Obsidian Hooves return with another offering of unhinged death metal madness. The band’s second album Morbidity was released on November 3rd on Morbid Chapel Records.

Following up their 2020 EP Sovereignty, the band are back with one less member. Don’t worry though, none of the aggression or complexity of the previous album has been lost. In fact, somehow the duo presents us with an even more intense offering than they gave us on the EP. We should expect nothing less from the dynamic duo of Nicholas Turner and Jared Moran at this point, their track record continues to show that they truly are an unstoppable force when united.

This is cavernous dissonant death metal as it should be, but with an unhinged energy thrown into the mix. You’ll hear echoed guttural and shrieked vocals presented over the top of meandering chaotic riffs. To expand on that a little there are two types of guitar work on this album, downtuned filthy segments and cleaner crisper work that sits in the more technical and dissonant side of things. These are Nicholas Turner’s signature offering as anyone who is familiar with Nothing Is Real will already know.

Jared of course brings to the mix his immediately recognisable drumming style and the dizzying and disorienting energy, time signatures and patterns that accompany it. We also have him to thank for the vocals on this release and as always, he handles it like a pro. Throughout the album he switches back and forth readily between unhinged gutturals and raw shrieked vocals. The variety between the two is a fantastic addition to an already complex album.

The band stay true to form for the genre/style and give a full album of tracks that never dip below 5 minutes in duration. They also manage to close out the release with a monster of a track titled Vile Repulsion that runs for almost 17 minutes in total. Each and every song finds a perfect balance between atmosphere, technicality and aggression with some leaning more into one camp than the other.

To put things simply this is a fantastic offering of dissonant cavernous death metal and will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. For anyone who believes that death metal peaked in and has been declining since the 90s here is just one more example of how utterly wrong you are.

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