Nattmaran – Descending Through the Darkness Track Premiere

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Stream the full track below:

The band gave the following statement regarding the track:

“This song is dark, menacing and evil metal with a lot of focus on drive and groove. Quite possibly the most dynamic track on the album. Lyrically, it’s about cheating Death only to have him return with a vengeance.” – Michael Lang, Guitars & Bass

Nattmaran – The Lurking Evil

Artist: Nattmaran

Album: The Lurking Evil

Label: Wise Blood Records

Release Date: 03/09/2021

Country: Sweden, Japan & Indonesia

Nattmaran is:

Michael Lang: Guitars, Bass

Yogga Beges: Vocals

Koji Sawada: Drums

More about the band:

Originally formed as Unholy Tenebris, the black metal project was a collaboration between Swedish shredder Michael Lang and Indonesian vocalist Yogga Beges. But the duo noticed the songs were drifting away from black metal, and closer to the harsh thrash that emerged from the shadows of NWOBHM in the early 80s. After meeting at a metal festival in Jakarta, Beges recruited the percussive talents of Japanese drummer Koji Sawada. With their intercontinental powers combined, they renamedthe band Nattmaran in 2020.

Nattmaran embrace what Lang calls “straight up, in-your-face old school metal” on their debut LP, The Lurking Evil. The result is a battering ram of blackened speed and devilish rock ‘n’ roll that will spawn smiles for even the grimmest thrashers.

Lang states that:

“We are inspired by the old gods like Motörhead, Venom, Celtic Frost, and Bathory. But also newer bands like Midnight, Butcher, and Toxic Holocaust. My black metal background is an influential element, as well.”

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