Myrdod – The Mourning Hollow


Artist: Myrdod

Album: The Mourning Hollow

Label: Wise Blood Records

Release Date: 17/12/2021

Country: United States

If you’ve followed us for a while then Myrdod should be a name that you know well by now. CDM has covered numerous outputs from the mysterious act and always found highly positive things to say. Well now Myrdod has teamed up with one of our favourite labels Wise Blood Records to unleash what can only be described as their most aggressive album to date. The Mourning Hollow was released on December 17th.

The album retains all of the elements that we fell in love with on past Myrdod releases: cavernous echoed, layered vocals and instrumentation, high levels of distortion, extreme dissonance and an overall sense of chaos and disorder. What has been added this time around is a higher level of energy and a faster pace.

The project’s founding member Søppelskaler states that, “The album was recorded in a small cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania, with sounds of serene waters and animals screeching in the night. It’s environmental, ritualistic, and inspired by the relentless music that we both love. We are metal fans paying tribute to our favorite bands in our own voice.” When he says we he refers to his co-contributor Fractal Creature who makes up the other half of the project.

If I had to pick a handful of adjectives to describing the album I would have to go with ‘swirling’, ‘maddening’ and ‘chaotic’. If I was forced to pick nouns I would go with ‘vortex’, ‘maelstrom’ ‘swamp’ and ‘mire’. The release is the audio equivalent of a hurricane tearing through the bayou and ripping swamp witches out of their hidden mossy hovels. The whole album feels like a destructive force imbued with a sense of darkness and evil, hence the previous metaphor.

The duo draws on influences from numerous legendary black metal acts as they have on previous release. As usual inspiration comes from both the Scandinavian and USBM scenes. However, the band have melded and blended the two styles so intensely that it no longer clearly resembles either. The level of insane distortion and chaotic instrumentation that the band throw into the mix further deforms their music to the point where it’s almost unregonisable. The closest thing I can think of for a metaphor would have to be the process of reproduction employed by xenomorphs in the Alien universe. They incorporate genetic material from their hosts, coupled with the existence of numerous mutations and deviations to create a brand-new creature. This is exactly how this album was birthed, through mutation and deviation of black metal source material.

Overall, this is a truly impressive release that sits in a category of black metal all of its own. Anyone who happens to be a fan of bands such as Abyssal, Ævangelist, Teitanblood, and Void Meditation Cult will find plenty to love here but should still prepare for something truly unique. Prepare for the madness and embark on a dark and perilous journey today with The Mourning Hollow.

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