Michael Runswick – Is This the Guy For Me Single Review


Artist: Michael Runswick

Single: Is This the Guy For Me

Label: Independent
Release Date: 21/10/2022
Location: Dublin

Written by Anie

“Is This The Guy For Me” is the most recent release of Dublin-based indie artist Michael Runswick, and his third single of the year, and has been well received by fans.

Now in his final year of a songwriting degree in BIMM, Runswick has been steadily releasing singles after dropping his highly successful debut “Isolation”. This first single – a balad about being cast out and rejected- unintentially became somewhat of a pandemic anthem. There are also rumours that a music video for the song is also in the works (but you didn’t hear that from me). He has also debuted his live music career as of earlier this year, and has only been gaining more traction with every release.

Runswick’s recent single is a deviation from his usual folk, traditional instrumentation and lyricism in favour of a pop dancefloor number in which he opens up about his sexuality. On a recent Instagram post, Runswick wrote: “I didn’t know how this song would be received as I had never released a song that spoke about my experience as a LGBTQ+ person”. Despite any anxieties on Runswick’s end, the song has thus far been a success, racking up thousands of streams on the week of its release.

This loud and proud queer anthem has traces of 80’s influence, as well as a modern pop sensibility. If the catchy chorus and funky guitar motif don’t pull you in straight away, Runswick’s warm personality and charisma shining throughout the song definitely will.

As well as openly speaking about his experiences as part of the LGBTQ+ community in this single, Runswick has also recently spoken out about discrimination in his single “When Did We Stop Fighting”, donating 50% of profits from streams and purchases towards the immigrant council of Ireland.

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