Mexico Week 2: Day 4: Shizzo – AGAINST ALL ODDS


Artist: Shizzo

Release Title: Against All Odds

Label: Independent

Release Date: 27 March 2023

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Digital Price: 7 USD

Length: 15min

Sometimes all I want to listen to is some funky, guitar-oriented music while I’m working on something or just generally chilling out. The first time I listened to Shizzo, I was looking for just such a release to listen to and with their new EP AGAINST ALL ODDS I was happy indeed, because it hit that spot well. Shizzo is an instrumental progressive metal project from Guadalajara, founded by guitarist and producer Aldo Smok, and with this new EP they have a fantastic little release that has a great vibe all over.

Every track stands out in its own way, but they all contribute equally to the relaxing, groovy mood that AGAINST ALL ODDS brings to the table. With the title track (track 5), we start off with casual samples and those lovely little finger-sliding sounds on guitar strings. Over the court of a minute or two, we slowly build into layers of guitars and a nice mix of sounds. This track gives me the feeling of a struggle, the sense of life getting tough, but we’re succeeding and surpassing any difficulties sent our way – and it ends on a satisfying, chunky deep note to send us away.

The opening track KING starts off with soulful wails and slightly bluesy guitarwork and carries that wailing soul throughout. There’s a nice mix of instrumentals and samples accompanying the guitar, never overpowering it but serving to highlight and enhance the atmosphere built by Smok throughout the track. That’s really the key to this EP as well – the atmosphere. No matter which track you’re listening to, Aldo Smok has built an atmosphere that feels enriching. Challenging, yet positive throughout. It’s rare for metal to create this sort of atmosphere, but Smok does it effortlessly and I can’t get enough of it.

I hope you enjoy AGAINST ALL ODDS.


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