Medicine – On The Bed


Los Angeles shoegaze band Medicine continues with their new millennium resurgence. This time paying tribute to a certain band from Liverpool. The album is a lot of fun and great to sing along to, with just enough noise to make things interesting.

Artist: Medicine
Album: On the Bed
Label: Laner Archival Service
Release Date:03/04/24
Location: Los Angeles, California

Author: Joshua Greenbaum

Medicine was formed in the early 1990s by guitarist/keyboardist Brad Laner. Laner had been a member of many bands before, most notably the American post-punk/art band Savage Republic.

Medicine also has greatly featured a variety of vocalists, most notably long-time band member Beth Thompson. They would go on to establish the high water mark for the genre as far as American bands, releasing three albums as well as appearing on the soundtrack for The Crow, where the Cocteau Twins Elizabeth Frazier performed the lead vocals.

The band would break up after their 1995 album, Her Highness, while members went on to other projects.

They reformed in 2003 for a short time. Then again in 2013. This time continuing as a full band until the present day, releasing seven more albums, including the brand new On The Bed.

On the Bed, whose name is taken from a solo Geroge Harrison song, is a Beatles tribute of sorts. The album consists of an assortment of not-so-often-covered Beatles songs as well as some of their solo numbers.

The album kicks off with the extremely early Beatles song “Some Other Guy.”. The song is from their early Cavern days and is only available on one of their “Live at the BBC” albums. This song, as well as “Tell Me Why” (from The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night album), receive the Medicine treatment. Each one keeps true to the original, but plenty of noisy fuzz surrounds them. “Tell Me Why” is highlighted by particularly loud cymbals and muffled drums that work.

On Track 3, “The Night Before,” originally from The Beatles Help! album, the drums shine again. This time however they must share the spotlight with Brad Laner and Julia Monreal’s dual harmonies. There is again lots of fuzz surrounding the sound, especially in the distorted guitars, along with a few keyboard effects here and there.

“She Said She Said,”  already one of The Beatles’ more noisy/psychedelic songs, features distorted dive bomb guitars, almost making you feel like you are in a sputtering out-of-control lane. Julia Monreal’s vocals are the only thing keeping your plane in the air.

Arguably the worst Beatles song, “Blue Jay Way” off of Magical Mystery Tour,  gets attempted at Track 5. Medicine succeeds with more keyboard and guitar effects, heavy drum beats, and manipulated vocals.

It’s not just the Beatles group Medicine performing their magic. Track 6 “On the Bed” is a song from George Harrison’s debut solo album, while Track 7 “Junk” originally appeared on Paul McCartney’s debut, and Track 9 “Photograph” was on Ringo Starr’s. Unfortunately, no solo John Lennon material is featured.

Overall the album is a lot of fun and great to sing along to with just enough noise to make things interesting.

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