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Mon Rovîa is a one-man folk band. As a child, he was pulled from a warring country to create soft folk music. His beautiful voice wraps you in a safe space, pulling you from the war in your head into a place of warmth and love. 

Artist: Mon Rovîa

Release Title: Act 1: The Wandering

Label: Lossless

Release Date: 2023

Location: Tennessee

Written by Stevie Aldrich

Mon Rovîa knocked on my door at a tumultuous time in my life. I was so distracted and distraught that I almost missed his knocking, so he kindly let himself in. He brought with him sunbeams that scattered some of the gloom swallowing me, and I’m grateful for the small breaks from depression his music offered. 

Mon Rovîa is a one-man Afro-Appalachian folk production, as he describes himself. He acknowledges his unique journey from a war-torn Liberia to a calmer life in Tennessee with melodies so delightful it feels like a cheesecake picnic in a soft, green field. It’s almost difficult to describe his music because it takes you into a dream state where you’re too relaxed to hear the lyrics. He’s hypnotizing. His album, “Act 1: The Wandering,” is aptly titled because the out-of-body experience does feel like you’re wandering through a Van Gogh painting while he’s painting it. 

This is all to say that Mon Rovîa creates something engaging and soothing without any trippy side effects, so you’re actively involved in what he’s singing while flowing through your own mental space. I have no musical education, so I can’t speak to the mechanics of any of it. What I can say as someone who appreciates how music makes me feel is, this boy with only an acoustic guitar and a beautiful voice has designed some incredible musical art that even my uneducated ears understand. 

With every hum and pluck, he expresses gratitude for a chance to live and make music. He shares videos of his songs from rainy fields and quiet kitchens where he makes his morning tea. Peace radiates from his voice, sweeping you down an endless stream. When you take the time to listen to his lyrics, there’s a deep appreciation for life uncommon in someone so young. Is that too poetic and mushy? Describing Mon Rovîa without getting a little flowery is a challenge because he’s a giant sunflower. Only listen to his music if you want to feel good about yourself. 


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