Artist: Los Morts

Release Title: Slasher

Label: Monsterbilly Records

Album Artist: Anthony Noble

Release Date: 31 October 2022

Location: Arequipa, Peru

Digital Price: 7 USD

Length: 10min 56s

For Peru Week people are covering a variety of bands and styles – but a band whose work really needs to be highlighted is a punk band from Arequipa called Los Morts. They specialise in horror punk and this latest EP of theirs, titled Slasher, is a fun as hell release. There are four members of the band – Occiso on bass and ‘vokills’ as they put it, Hannibal on guitars, Giovaxe on synths, and Rocky Raccoon on drums.

The guitar work has that driving simplicity that’s often a great element of punk music. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the most technical or complex – it’s the kind of thing you hear that makes you want to jump around like a maniac in front of the stage. Then you hear Occiso kick in, with his voice and delivery sounding like the Andes colliding with Rancid in the best way possible. Add some of Rocky’s big drums in there like we hear early on in Masacre en Texas, and some bassy flair from Occiso and you have a recipe for some hella fun punk music.

You’ll also hear some cool synth in there that really adds that oldschool 80s horror kind of vibe. It doesn’t just remind me of old movie soundtracks, but there’s also a little of that kind of horror-kitsch vibe that you often get from Rob Zombie. That spooky synth that doesn’t take itself too seriously – that punk attitude that has that off kilter vibe, complete with over-the-top sounds of a zombie eating human flesh at the end of Mort. That’s appropriate because that’s what Mort is about – the living dead rising to feed on the flesh and blood of all they encounter.

This EP is rottener and hungrier for brains than ever before, and Los Morts will tell you that it’s the only 138% horror punk experience. That description works just fine, because everything I could possibly want from such a release is here in Slasher. Hell, with the Misfits cover – Halloween – we get to hear them play a bit of a heavier sound than elsewhere on the EP, and some of those wails really hit the spot. Slasher is an EP that comes highly recommended. Not only that, but music like this is guaranteed to get the crowd bumping, so I’m sure Los Morts will be great to see live so do that if you get the chance. In the meantime, throw on this EP and enjoy – you won’t regret it.

I hope you enjoy Slasher.


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