Lord Alfred – Midnight Spell Premiere


The project plays an experimental blend of early black metal, rock n’ roll and rockabilly. Imagine if Venom hired Tom Waits to do black metal vocals and Bo Diddley on guitar, but with Screaming Lord Sutch and Hasil Adkins influences and presented it all in a lo-fi black metal manner. Now imagine no more and simply listen below.

Lord Alfred – Midnight Spell Track Stream

You can find a full quote from Lord Alfred himself regarding the album and his inspirations at the bottom of this article.

All music and lyrics by Lord Alfred. Mixed by Lord Alfred. Mastered by DAAR. Cover artwork, illustrations and band logo by Seth Bennett. Pictures by Lord Alfred. Layout by Romavall.

Lord Alfred – The Lord Cometh The ‘Horde Goeth

Artist: Lord Alfred

Album: The Lord Cometh The ‘Horde Goeth

Label: Super Sargasso

Release Date: 03/12/2021

Country: United States

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Lord Alfred himself has provided the below quote regarding the album:

“What I did in creating Lord Alfred was basically taking all my musical influences from early childhood until now. I wanted to throw it in a blender to see what would happen.

Growing up my parents were always playing old country and ’50’s rock ‘n’ roll. There was the doom and gloom of Hank Williams, the satire of Roger Miller. Alongside of that was the antics of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. I mean, those guys ripped my head off as a kid. They were really like the Thrash Metal of their time.

Then I heard John Lee Hooker. It all started connecting for me. By the time I got to my early teens, it was all Motörhead and Venom. Nothing was more extreme. Since I lived close enough to New York City growing up, I discovered CBGB’s. It was all hardcore matinees from then on in.

I spent every day trying to learn guitar. I had to make sense of it somehow. It had to all come together. I spent years playing Thrash and the concept was put on the back burner. When my last band, Warhorde ended, I knew what to do.

Lord Alfred is what feels the most natural. A unique blend of influences, combining parts of my childhood. I guess it’s important to mention the fact that I grew up with a cemetery in my backyard. I was naturally attracted to the darker elements of life, and death. My early years were filled with females who believed themselves to be witches. Spells were cast nightly.

The vague lyrics are filled with experiences from my life – a true culmination of Witches, Harleys, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Thrash and the Blues.

Lord Alfred is a void. A perfect void if you ask me.”

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