LOLA – Get Rich Or Die Trying


Melodic punk rock is alive and well in Southern Australia. Adelaide band Lola releases their second EP filled with driving guitars, hooks, and sing-along lyrics that would make their Australian, as well as UK and US punk predecessors proud.

Artist: Lola

Album: Get Rich or Die Trying EP

Label: Self Released

Release Date: October 20th 2023

Location: Australia

By: Joshua Greenbaum

Body of Review:

I wish I could say I a have been a fan of Adelaide, Australian punk band Lola since their beginnings. I have to admit though that by the time I first heard them when their singles “Billionaire” and “Game Over” were added to the All New Punk playlist on spotify, the band had already been nominated in four categories of the 2022 South Australian Music Awards. These nominations were for the Best New Artists, Best Music Video, Best Release (for 2022’s Don’t Tell Mom), and People’ Choice Punk categories.

But I did discover the band, consisting of Billy Burns (Guitar / Vocal),Sebastian Reyes-Hewitt (Guitar / Vocals),Mitchell Seager (Drums), and Max Bowen (Bass) at just the right timeL Just a week or two Lola was going to be releasing their new EP Get Rich Or Die Trying.

“Billionaire” kicks off the album with revved up guitars before singer comes in with his just so slightly abrasive voice reminiscent of Libertines front man Pete Doherty or slightly grittier sounding John Penney from Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. The music itself is slightly Libertines inf;uenced but faster, highlighted by the fun catchy sing a long back up vocals of “Big fat, rich cat” on the chorus.

“Daddy’s Money” (Track 2) shows the band can slow it down a bit, even add a little swagger. The song is just over a minute long but even manages to contain a nice little guitar interlude, bringing to mind The Replacements, about half way through.

“Batshit”  (Trak 3) and “Revolution” (Track 4) show off Lola’s ability for driving melodic punk songs. The former showcases some smoother almost introspective vocals, while on the latter the vocals get a little angrier. Both songs are filled with hooks which would make past Australian bands before them like The Hard Ons or Cosmic Psychos proud.

“Mr Depressed” (Track 5)  speeds it up again to almost Bad Religion speed. More hooks and sing a long lyrics throughout the song recalling the some of the UK 80’s/90’s bands like China Drum or Mega City Four

“Game Over”, that song that won me over a few weeks before on Spotify, closes out the Ep. The song is faster than the others before. And like I’ve said in my past reviews and articles, I love when a release ends with a song title saying so.

Get Rich Or Die Trying has been self released by the band, and as far as I can tell only streaming with no physical form available, They have recently played some high profile shows with bands such as The Descendents and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, so hopefully they will get picked up by a US label. I could definitely see them fitting well on a label like Fat Wreck Chords.

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