Levantine Week Day 5: Kurdonoid – Creature X


Artist: Kurdonoid

Release Title: Creature X

Release Date: 30 December 2022

Location: Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Digital Price: 5 USD

Length: 10min 37s

There really is some great music coming out of Iraq these days. From jazz to black metal, to house music, there’s a variety of tunes out there that many people just aren’t aware of. Most music websites are, sadly, pretty US & Eurocentric in their coverage. That’s to the detriment of us all because it means so many people will miss out on music that I’m sure many would enjoy. To that very point, I happened across Kurdonoid’s new release titled Creature X and it’s a great little EP that clocks in at just ten minutes, and it packs a lot of punch for what it is.

House music isn’t necessarily everybody’s jam, and when it comes to electronic music it isn’t necessarily my go-to. There are some tracks that I love, however, and when someone plays one, well, I know what I like when I hear it. Creature X is one such release – once I put it on, I knew I was going to like this immediately.

It opens with Cognitive Blues, a track that opens off with some string-like beats that have a great little twang to them, along with what sounds like some kind of electronic garble, the kind of speech that Star Wars droids sometimes have when they talk. “This is the first thing out of your mouth”, the sample says, and the bass kicks in. Those opening beats and the bass come together to give us a great little atmospheric track that’s enhanced all the more when that electronic babble comes back in. This really does feel like an introduction track to the robot on the cover.

The other two tracks are First Contact, which starts off at a nice clip, a nice medium level bass beat accompanied by some tranquil electronica. There’s a feeling of energy, but also of calmness – a good track for cruising, but also for dancing with friends, or for having a drink when you’re trying to get pumped up. Finally Kurdonoid, Hemn Ibrahim – Gentle Monster kicks in for a track that’s probably the most high energy, but maintaining that constant pulsing, forward movement that’s a defining trait of House music. Overall, this is a great little EP that I’ll be returning to over and over again. When you’re looking for some good, solid house music 0 don’t miss out on Kurdonoid’s latest work.

I hope you enjoy Creature X.


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