Türkiye Week Day 2: Lalalar – En Kötü Iyi Olur


Artist: Lalalar

Release Title: En Kötü Iyi Olur

Release Date: 8 September 2023

Location: İstanbul, Türkiye

Digital Price: 7 EUR (7.50 USD)

Length: 35min 5s

Written by Yari Wildheart

Lalalar are one of my favorite Turkish bands, and they’re one of those bands where I get genuinely excited at the prospect of a new release. The first time I heard them was with their 2022 album, Bi Cinnete Bakar, and the collision of an oldschool TV sound, with Anatolian rock, psychedelic and electronic elements instantly captured my imagination. I’m buying a vinyl of this one for sure. We’ve covered this album before, as our resident 619’er James Sweetlove did. But it’s just so damn good that I had to review it myself – a rare double review on Cave Dweller Music becuase En Kötü Iyi Olur is just that good.

I listen to Yaşamaya Bahane Ver, the seventh track on the album, and its mesmerizing vocals and simple beats and keys transport me to another dimension, sending my imagination deep into strange new worlds. It builds, getting more electronic and urgent as it goes, the pace quickening. I’m seven tracks in and there hasn’t been anything like this on the album yet – I find myself saying that often, with En Kötü Iyi Olur. This album is a serious vibe.

It’s quite a strange album at times musically, and of course it is – this is really psychedelic rock that at times has that odd vibe King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard can have. I listen to Yar​ı​n Yokmuş Gibi with its eerie whines, alarm bell sounds, and distorted synth, and once again I think to myself – there hasn’t been anything like this on the album yet. I reach the final track on the album, Serüven 101, and there’s a sort of quiet feel at first, with its plodding, deep bass and almost poppy keyboards, as it begins to absolutely soar through the skies. That feeling of building to something special – starting simple, and building, layering emotional depth, mesmerizing instrumentals and a sense of urgency – Lalalar does that so well. This is some powerful psychedelic rock, and I absolutely urge you to give it a listen.

I hope you enjoy En Kötü Iyi Olur.

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