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From KPT‘s “industrial opus” Obliterate, released in early July on GIVE/TAKE comes the first video from the project, for the closing song “Give Up” and we are extremely pleased to officially premiere it for you all. Stream the video at the link below.

KPT – Give Up Official Video Stream

Statement about the video:

“The first two minutes of “Give Up” were actually shot 5 years ago in 2016 as spur of the moment inspiration when happening upon a forest and hidden triangular chapel in rural Minnesota.” says KPT. “I’d always wanted to finish this idea and including the song on Obliterate was the perfect opportunity. The remaining scenes were shot in Colorado this year, (coincidentally featuring more forest and another triangular structure) and stitched together/edited into the completed piece. I’ll leave the majority up to interpretation, I will mention however that “Give Up” is both good and evil, love and loss.”

KPT has also just been added as support for Chicago’s Bellhead on their La Crosse, WI stop at the Warehouse (an all-ages, non-profit venue for the last 30 years) on Saturday, November 13th.

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If you missed our review of the album you can read it below.

KPT Obliterate

Artist: KPT

Album: Obliterate


Release Date: 02/07/2021

Country: United States

We’re keeping the unusual and mind-bending trend going with KPT‘s Obliterate, however we move into the realm of electronic music. This is a haunting, mesmerising combination of experimental electronic, witchhouse, trance, industrial and dark ambient music.

Interestingly enough the EP is a collection of one-sided collaborations, lost remixes and releases, failed promoter partnerships and label signings. This is usually the type of thing that many artists put aside and never look at again. However, KPT found that these tracks were some of their favourite releases and decided to release them together and personally I’m glad that they did.

The album has a mesmerising pulse to it, one that truly draws you in on a subconscious level and holds your attention, even if you’re not quite sure why. While some elements on the album are subtle and complex, others are right in your face and it’s that dichotomy of abrupt and subtly, hard and soft that makes the release so complex and captivating. For example, songs like track 2 White Crosses have aggressive and in your face industrial elements and sound clips that immediately grab your attention. Then if you listen to songs like track 4 Gift, they possess a dark, brooding and ominous energy but they’re slow build and never completely open up.

I would say that for the most part the energy on the album as a whole is dark and ominous. There is something unsettling about the music as a whole, but in a way that you want to know more and keep diving deeper into it in an attempt to understand it. Aside from that underlying essence there are some truly catchy and memorable beats and rhythms that will get stuck in your head and have you coming back for more.

This is one hell of an EP and some of my favourite electronic music so far this year. Having said that I have been rather slack on this front and have neglected my love for witchhouse and dark industrial music. So, I want to thank KPT for getting me back on the right path. I highly suggest you all do the same and dive headfirst in this electronic offering.

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