Kotact – First Contact


Artist: Kontact

Album: First Contact

Label: Temple of Mystery Record & Cursed Ritual Records

Release Date: 04/01/2022

Country: Canada

It’s always an amazing experience when you find a new NWOTHM band that not only is amazing but fully captures the essence and energy of their forefathers. Kontact happens to be just such a band and their debut EP First Contact is a physical embodiment of everything that I love about old school heavy metal music. The album was released on January 4th on Temple of Mystery Record & Cursed Ritual Records.

I’m going to be upfront; I have nothing negative to say about this release. The band have essentially nailed every element on the album. From the vocals to the guitar work, to the bass and the drum work, it’s all exactly what I hope for when I see a band labeled as NWOTHM. It shouldn’t come as any surprise though given that the band features members of both Traveler and Blackrat.

While the individual musical elements are all crucial to this album being the success that is, it’s also the production that helps it to firmly carve a notch into the belt of the genre. The band have managed to create a release that has a solid recording quality yet simultaneously sounds like it was recorded in the 80s. This is no easy feat, as many acts sacrifice recording quality to achieve this sound, but not Kontact.

The echoed and semi faded effect applied to the vocals allows them to also sound like they’ve come straight from the 80s. They resemble traditional heavy metal vocals but with a unique twist and edge to them. This makes sense when you look at who the band claim as their influences, citing both Judas Priest and Voivod. They perfectly suit the band’s otherworldly themes with their spacey nature.

Instrumentally the band are primarily a mix of traditional heavy metal and speed metal but thrown into that mix every so often are elements of thrash and proto doom. These elements are presented through more of a heavy metal prism, but their influence is still noticeable. You’ll find plenty of gallops, soaring riffs and catchy rhythmic sections throughout the album.

The band’s choice to cover Sacred Blade’s Fieldz the Sunshrine from their 1986 release Of the Sun + Moon isn’t all that surprising. When you think about the fact that Sacred Blade is also a Canadian heavy metal act and focuses on sci-fi themes it all makes sense. You can also see what could be construed as inspiration for the album’s artwork in Sacred Blade’s aforementioned release, particularly with the star based background and geometric pattern.

Overall, this was a fantastic debut from a band that I can see having a very bright future ahead of them. I’m very much hoping that this is a serious project with a planned future and not just a fun side project for its members as I would love to see more music like this released. If you enjoy traditional heavy metal in any capacity, then I highly recommend this album.

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