Iron Flesh – Summoning The Putrid


Artist: Iron Flesh

Album: Summoning the Putrid

Label: Great Dane Records

Release Date: 27/11/2020

Country: France

Written by James Sweetlove

Let’s kick off the day with some dirty OSDM in the form of Iron Flesh’s upcoming full-length release Summoning the Putrid, dropping this Friday the 27th on Great Dane Records.

If you aren’t familiar with Iron Flesh, the band was originally formed as a one-man project by Julien Helwin in 2017. Following the recording of his debut EP Worship the Necrogod he decided to expand his roster. The band hail from Bordeaux France and play a blend of OSDM and melodic death metal that features elements of heavy metal, doom and punk. This will be their second full-length album and their fifth release overall. Iron Flesh is Julien (rhythm guitars and vocals), Sylver (guitars), Guilhem (drums) and Seb (bass).The album was produced by David Thiers and the artwork was done by Skaðvaldur.

The albu m features 9 tracks, the first of which is Servants of Oblivion which immediately kicks things off with that fantastic OSDM style reverb and then after a little build up we get that beautiful crunch in the guitars. This is a fast-paced track, with a lot of energy. The vocals are powerful and carry across the top of the instrumentals adding to the already high levels of energy. Vocal wise on this album Julien gives us a semi-guttural style that still understandable but has some power to it. The vocal range is impressive, being able to hit some higher rawer notes as well, when they hit these they actually remind me a little of Defect Designer. Guitars wise it’s a blend of dirty death metal guitar and cleaner crisper guitar work, with the cleaner style leading a portion of the riffs. Overall, this is a solid opener to the album.

Track 2 Relinquished Flesh continues things at the upbeat tempo with some catchy rhythmic riffs. These riffs will form the basis for the track, at least in between the aggressive harsher segments. There is almost a punk energy to this song, but it’s definitely blended with death metal. This also happens to be one of the two tracks released so far for you to listen to.

Track 3 Demonic Enn slows things down dramatically and gets heavy as hell. This is my favourite track out of the first three. Its slow, heavy, dirty and dripping in reverb. The tone, pace and rhythm remind me a bit of the Cannibal Corpse song Scourge of Iron at times (I mean that as a compliment as I absolutely love that track). It’s almost impossible not to bang your head along to this one, the rhythm is just hypnotic, and the reverb is just flawless. The vocals are a little rawer here, hitting both lower and higher pitches too. It’s just a solid as hell death metal track and luckily you can listen to it now.

Track 4 Purify Through Blasphemy leans more into the mid-tempo realm, but with an upbeat tone to it. We actually see a lot of heavy metal elements on this track, particularly with the guitar work on the track. Drums wise we get some punk elements thrown in. The vocals are a little less harsh here to suit the fact that this is more of a melodic death metal track.

Track 5 Cursed Beyond Death is a blend between melodic death metal and OSDM. It features some clean vocals at intervals, which makes it stand out from the rest of the album. The guitar work in parts is cleaner and more melodic, with a crispness to them. However, in other parts with do get the heaviness, the crunch and the reverb. Its a solid track overall and one of my favourites on the album.

Track 6 Death and the Reaper’s Scythe is a killer track, returning once more to the OSDM style. This is a heavy as hell track with a lurching, heaving energy to it. The guitar work on the most part is pretty damn dirty, and the vocals are once again on the more aggressive side. Alongside Demonic Enn, this is my second favourite song on the album. It also happens to he the longest, by quite a margin, coming in at over 8 minutes.

Track 7 starts off slower, in fact it almost seems to incorporate doom elements to it, but then suddenly around the 1-minute mark we shift into a melodic death style. This song has a non-stop energy to it that runs from 1 minute through to its close.

Track 8 is another offering of melo death, featuring some fantastic clean toned guitar work. There are some really catchy riffs here that will get stuck in your head. The vocals are pretty solid here too, reaching a level of rawness that carries a lot of emotion in them. This would probably be my favourite of the more melodic tracks on the album.

Finally, we have track 9 Convicted Faith, the albums closer. It’s a bit of a slow starter, taking its time to build up atmosphere until about 1:45 when the vocals kick in. There are heavy doom influences here and they’re greatly appreciated, From the slow tempo drumming, the moody and brooding guitars with an emotion tone to them and the constant underlying reverb, this is a well-crafted track. The vocals are unique here too, with a new style being used, as well as layering them for added effect. This is on par with Death and the Reaper’s Scythe for my second favourite track on the album.

Overall, this is a solid death metal release, fusing multiple styles from within the genre to keep things diverse and interesting. Whether you are an OSDM, melodic death metal or doom death fan there will be something here for you. So, take some time out of your day and check out the two tracks that are out now and get your pre-orders in for Friday.

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