Hemlock Smith and Les Poissons Autistes – Nowhere Track Premiere

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The Necrophone Sessions

Roman Numeral Records issued the follow statement regarding the album:

“Roman Numeral Records are thrilled to announce the release of The Necrophone Sessions, the third collaborative release from Switzerland’s Hemlock Smith and les Poissons Autistes. While the former is mainly known for his dark folk tendencies as the latter duo are for their experimental approach to ambient, drone, and noise, together the trio unites all of these tonal aesthetics to what can only be characterised as a vivacious and exhilarating, boundary-shattering blend of dark and haunting music for the educated mind. While the frames of neofolk apply to The Necrophone Sessions throughout, you’ll find a plethora of vastly different but seamlessly amalgamating orientations from within its confines, together creating a narrative epic striding beyond its peers.”

Pre-order The Necrophone Sessions on vinyl (as seen below) from here, and on CD and digital from here.

Find all relevant band and label links below:

Hemlock Smith & les Poissons Autistes: Official

Hemlock Smith: Bandcamp | Facebook

Les Poissons Autistes: Bandcamp | Facebook

Roman Numeral Records: Official | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

Watch the official video for the album’s first single Comb the Ashes below:

Watch the album trailer below:

Album credits:

All songs written by Stéphane Babey, Michael Frei, and Philippe Simon.

Lyrics by Michael Frei

Stéphane Babey: six-string electric cello, electric guitar, bass, no-input guitar effects, laptop

Michael Frei: vocals, piano, Mellotron, percussion

Philippe Simon: trumpet, bass, electric guitar, laptop

Mixed and Mastered by Samuel Vaney at Lead & Sulfur Studio

Produced by Samuel Vaney, Hemlock Smith & Les Poissons Autistes

Band photography by Didier Oberson

Video imagery by Mike Hamerski

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