GraveRipper – Radiated Remains


Artist: GraveRipper

Album: Radiated Remains

Label: Wiseblood Records

Release Date: 04/06/2021

Country: United States

Prepare to have your face melted by Indiana’s Graveripper and their upcoming EP Radiated Remains, set to be released on June 4th, through our good friends over at Wiseblood Records. This right here is another contender for album of the year for me. What can I say, it’s one of those weeks where I feel like covering incredible albums.

The band formed in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2018 as Death Ensemble, but changed their name to GraveRipper in 2019. Since their formation they have put out one previous EP titled Complete Blinding Darkness in 2020 and are now following it up with their upcoming opus. The band is Corey Parks (vocals and guitar), Keegan Hrybyk (guitar), Chris Pilotte (bass) and Jacob Lett (drums). The album was mastered by the legendary Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust (one of my all-time favourite bands), which makes sense when you think about the similarities between the two bands.

The band play an extremely aggressive, high energy blend of thrash, death and black metal, primarily leaning into blackened thrash territory. If you’re a fan of band such as Toxic Holocaust, Hellripper or Midnight then this will most likely be right up your ally. Having compared the band to the aforementioned acts I should clarify that Graveripper’s sound is very much their own. Their base lies in Teutonic thrash metal, but their other influences come from Scandanavian black metal and late 80s/early 90s death metal.

Given that thrash serves as the base for the album, it should come as no surprise that there are more riffs than the listener can shake a stick at. Corey and Keegan come at you thick and fast and with pure unbridled aggression. Honestly, I cannot get enough of their work on this release, not just because of their sheer skill level as musicians, but also because it’s not every day that you come across and album that is this headbangable. I challenge you to blast this album on loud and not develop the urge to rock the hell out. Hell, it will have you wanting to start a mosh pit in the grocery store, on the bus, in the delivery room while your first-born child enters this world, wherever you happen to be blasting it.

Let’s talk about the vocals, because that’s another key element on this album. Corey’s style serves as a perfect meeting point between thrash, black and death metal, drawing influences from each. While having a harsh barked edge they remain relatively understandable and allow for fast paced, spitfire style delivery to match the frantic riffage and drum-based assault of the album. Which brings us to our next topic, drums. In order to match the energy of the guitar and vocals the drums on the album have been set to breakneck speed, being delivered in a way that makes you think that Jacob has a spare arm or two on rotation.

I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the stellar production quality on the album. This should come as no surprise given that Joel Grind handled this aspect of the release. Both him and the band have given the album that same beautiful sound that he uses in Toxic Holocast that somehow comes across as clear and unmuddied yet retains a certain level of raw edge and distortion to it. Meaning that the album sounds great but dirty, something that many bands aim for, but few achieve.

Personally, we were honoured to have the track Atoms Divide featured as the opener to our second volume of our charity sampler. We chose this track because of what a kick in the teeth it was, just exploding right off the bat with pure energy and aggression and really getting your blood pumping. As great as that track is, the entire album shares a similar level of ass kicking energy.

Overall, this is a fantastic blackened thrash offering that really sets the bar for others in the new wave of the genre to aim to emulate. This is definitely a band on the rise and one that I plan to follow closely. If you like killer riffage and raw aggressive vocals or if you feel like headbanging until your head breaks off of your neck and rolls across the floor, then you need to listen to this album.

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