Gravehuffer – Depart From So Much Evil


Artist: Gravehuffer

Album: Depart From So Much Evil
Label: Black Doomba Records

Release Date: February 17th, 2023

Location: Joplin, Missouri

If you’ve followed CDM for a while then you know that we as a site collectively love Gravehuffer, both as people and musically. Luckily for us the Joplin, Missouri extreme metallers return with another no-holds barred rampage through everything from death metal, sludge and crust punk to thrash and grindcore on Depart From So Much Evil.

Much like previous releases the band tackle complex and confronting societal issues with their music, ranging from socio-political injustices through to everyday personal issues. A prime example of this is the albums opening track Blueprint For An Early Grave with lyrics like:

Crushed by the weight of expectations

Devoured by the wolves of capitalism

Jaded by the game’s discouraging results

Keep moving cause the stones keep on falling

Routine a blueprint for an early grave

Obligations, cumbersome

Stones around my neck

Robbed of time stripped of serenity

No moment’s peace

When you’re fighting for the crumbs

Musically though this is a very different album to NecroEclosion and takes a more traditional OSDM approach to its overall sound and style with an overlapping crust punk tinge and some sludge undertones. Having said that, I should clarify that the album is presented in two very distinct halves, each of which is very different to the other. The first half of the album is made up of 5 shorter, punchier tracks coming in between 2 and 6 minutes each and totaling just over 16 minutes. Meanwhile the second half of the album is a single monumental track coming in at 22:15 titled Depart from So Much Evil.

These first five tracks pack a real punch to them and hit the listener with a number of varied styles per track both instrumentally and vocally. There’s a kind of rabid energy present here that finds its basis in the band’s crust punk and grindcore. When you pair this with the brutality and heaviness of death metal it makes the band a formidable force to reckon with. For me though its Travis’ vocals that really give the songs their kick, with rapid fire, barked, shrieked and guttural styles interwoven.

Then we have Depart from So Much Evil which completely balances out the aggressive tempo of the first half of the album. The track starts with a lengthy atmospheric intro that features classical instruments and a spoken word segment taken from the Bible. This opens up into a slow, crushingly heavy death metal offering that initially reminds me of a LOT of Necrophagia, both vocally and instrumentally. This gradually grows and changes bringing in clear Morbid Angel inspired riffage along with more punk influenced rhythms and energy. The use of both layered and interchanging vocals of multiple styles gives the track a real punch and even more diversity. Mid way through the track it enters a sort of dark ambient segment with horrifying synth elements, drones and pained screams, shrieks, and gurgles. It emerges from this and bursts into a thrashy, high energy assault that is impossible not to headbang along to. We get yet another vocal style here that comes across as half shouted and half pained shrieks. Towards the end of the track things take an unsettling, chaotic psychedelic approach which runs through to the songs eventual end at the 22:15 mark.

Overall, this is one hell of an album and shows that the band never stop changing, experimenting and growing. This album has me incredibly excited for what comes next, because if its anything like this then I am all for it.

Listen to and order the album at the link below:


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