Singapore Week: Day 5: Forests – Get in Losers, We’re Going to Eternal Damnation


Artist: Forests

Release Title: Get In Losers, We​’​re Going to Eternal Damnation

Label: Dogknights

Album Art by: zcxz

Release Date: 1 April 2022

Location: Singapore

Digital Price: 10 USD

Length: 33min

The title of this new Forests album, Get in Losers, We’re Going to Eternal Damnation instantly made me think of something Cave Dweller’s own Matt Lynch would write. It’s just that real down to earth, in-your-face humor that epitomizes the punk ethos. Matt captures that so well in his lyrical writing style, but Forests does so through some genuinely fun music tinged with a bit of emotion. A fan on Bandcamp summed it up well as the “cutest emo on earth”.

This is the third release by Forests. I wasn’t aware of them until Get in Losers, We’re Going to Eternal Damnation, but I’m glad I discovered them, because they fit in so well with some of my favourite modern alt/punk bands like Slowly Slowly. They clearly have a great eye for talent too, because the way I discovered this band was via their album art – scrolling through social media when I saw one of the most eye-catching pieces I’ve seen in a while. Zan Cheong’s cover art made me stop everything I was doing, think “what is THAT?” and observe his work. I knew I had to listen to the album straight away.

Boy was I happy when I did. Forests may carry that ‘Midwest emopunk but evolved’ kind of sound that some bands do so well these days (especially in Australia), but they distinguish themselves with a hint of technicality that we don’t always get to hear with this type of band. The first thing you hear in the opening track Fool of Hell is some live chanting, followed by some guitar shredding synced up with guitar fills, and what an opener it is. There’s a lot of variety in the guitarwork here, and as the bass and vocals kick in, I can’t help but smile a little because this is just so fun to listen to.

That vibe carries on throughout the whole album. Put on Jazz Ruined My Life, highs and lows in guitar riffs flow as the vocals let you know it’s ok to get out of those bad situations in life. Are we chugging the pain or the ‘bad news beers’? This is emopunk, so probably both, but that’s life in the modern world – beers and bad news – but you can chug it all, tell ‘em to fuck off and, as the song concludes, ‘give me a hell yeah!’ Lyrically this is what you might expect from a modern emopunk band, but that’s fine because it’s exactly what we want when the music is this good. Stories of good times and bad times, heartbreak and recovery, burning things down and wondering if we can build up again. It’s all there and it’s great. Plus, any band that includes copious Stone Cold Steve Austin references in a song is alright by me.

Forests have just recently announced a US tour in April and May with plenty of dates all over the country, so if you’re in the US and like what you hear, go see them! While you’re waiting for a chance to see them (wherever you are), check out one of the links provided below for your listening pleasure. It’s great to know that, besides the copious extreme metal, death n’ roll and other brutality coming out of Singapore, that they have such great, fun emo punk as well. Whatever you listen to this year, make sure you don’t miss this release.

I hope you enjoy Get in Losers, We’re Going to Eternal Damnation.


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