Fireblood – Hellalujah


Fireblood may have dropped their first album on April Fools Day, but the songs that they’ve presented us with are no joke! So much so, that I can’t believe how many times I’ve listened to it since then, and the only thing that I can find wrong with it is that it’s only 4 songs.

Artist: Fireblood

Release Title: Hellalujah

Label: Self Released

Release Date: April 1st, 2024

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Written By: Tom Hanno of Tom’s Reviews

As I already mentioned, I’m kinda bummed that this release consists of just four songs, but am stoked by the overall quality of each of them. Between the Sludge Metal riffs, the Southern vibe, vocal work that will have you thinking of Phil Anselmo, and the thunderous power of the rhythm section, you just can’t go wrong with any track on Hellalujah.

Fireblood kicks this party off with “Decomposition”, and sees the band finding that Sludgy sweet spot from the get go. The steady eighth note chug is the backbone of this weighty number, supporting what I feel is the perfect vocal execution to match the power of the song. “Decomposition” was an excellent starting choice, and in this writers humble opinion, is the strongest of the four tracks.

“All Out War” follows up with more power, but in a less obvious, more discordant way. I think the juxtaposition of how certain riffs sound with the other more straightforward bits will be the main selling point for listeners, as it’s exactly what pulled me in. There’s a bass only section in the latter half that is awesome, it’s not a complicated riff, but the tone and overall sound of the bass is absolutely massive.

There are two other songs, “Who’s Your Devil?” and “Like Blood Down The River”. Of the two, “Like Blood Down The River” is the superior track, but each is excellent in their sound, and execution. I will say no more about them, as I believe that our wonderful readers should get some unknowns as they listen to Hellalujah for the first time. So get out there, and dig into it for yourselves! Enjoy!!

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