Feral Lord – Purity of Corruption

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We take a look at Feral Lord‘s upcoming debut full-length album Purity of Corruption, set for release on August 28th on Vargheist Records in partnership with Clawhammer PR.

The human music machine Nicholas Turner is back again with yet another offering of extreme metal for your auditory enjoyment. This time he presents us with a raw form of dissonant black metal. It’s hard to comprehend that such dark, cold music can come from someone living in a place as warm and sunny as Southern California. We have the equally as prolific Jared Moran returning on drums to hit us with yet another album of percussive aggression.

There are three things you’ll notice right away about the album if you listened to the project’s debut EP Victorious Hellfire. The first is the improvement in production quality. The sound is far clearer on this release with each element being clearly audible in its own right. Secondly, you’ll notice the vastly different drumming style to the debut. Jared has a very distinctively dissonant drum style that he once again applies to this release. Honestly the drums are a key driving force on this album and really make up a huge portion of its overall sound and energy. Thirdly you’ll notice that Nick’s blend of screeched/barked black metal vocals are a little more polished and refined than on the debut and really have a bite to them while not sounding strained or forced.

As far as black metal goes there is a dark and raw energy at play here as there generally should be with music of this nature. However, dissonance takes precedent over these elements with this release, both the drum and guitar work make sure of this. They create their unique wall of sound and allow the vocals to cascade over the top of it onto the listener. If you can’t handle incessant and discordant drum work paired with twisted winding riffs, then this album probably won’t be the one for you.

If you actually make even the slightest effort to dig deeper into the music, you’ll find that there are rhythms and melodies hidden throughout each track, they simply exist independently of each other in isolation. Think of melodic black metal as being the Roman Empire, one cohesive entity with a central and shared identity that expands to all reaches of itself. Then think of this album more as the Greek City State model. While they share a common identity and culture, each exists within its own right independent of the other despite being part of a larger collective in essence. That is how the melody and rhythm exist within each track on this release.

Historical analogies aside this is one hell of a debut full-length and on that I can see turning a number of heads in the black metal community. If you enjoy raw and dissonant music, then don’t miss this. If you’re a dan of Nick or Jared’s work, then don’t miss this. Hell, just don’t miss this, get your pre-orders in today.

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