South Africa Week: Day 5: FenrisWulf – Breaking the Chains


Artist: FenrisWulf

Album: Breaking the Chains

Label: Independent

Release Date: 02/22/2020

Location: Secunda, South Africa

Thundering from the first riff, FenrisWulf’s debut full-length album Breaking the Chains soars high above their previous EP, 2018’s Wolves of Odin. The production and riffs have improved vastly and the creativity of the band itself is propelled lightyears forward. Evoking the sounds of melodic death metal’s past rather than its present almost gives Breaking the Chains a fresh take on the genre by taking the mantle of bands that have long passed or changed sounds so drastically they no longer resemble their original selves.

Johan du Toit, and Renaldo Cilliers’ riffs are crisp, clear, and brutal as they trade rhythms throughout each song. Henco Chamberlain’s vocals rip through each track offering a new story of viking victory and angst. Wikus Kleynhans’ drumming is fantastic throughout carrying the band almost on his back and Arries Naudé providing a much-needed spine and low end to the mix rounds out the overall sound of old school melodeath.

Breaking the Chains isn’t reinventing the wheel, it’s resurrecting it. Bringing a fresh take to a classic sound that many may have considered to be lost with time. Barbaric riffs, pummeling drumming, bombastic and aggressive vocals with no quarter taken in the department of being heavy. FenrisWulf is making waves and being heard in circles that their EP hadn’t yet reached. It’ll be great to see where the next few years takes this band and what wonderful melodeath they have yet to bring us.




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