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Espinoza Espinoza – Aylostera Track Stream

Espinoza Espinoza – Cactaceae

Cactaceae is a 100 track 24-hour album that was composed between 2018 and 2019. The sole member of the project is a Barcelona-based musician that has created something truly unique by combining industrial sound, analogically combining drum machines, samples, and synthetic loops with modular gear. The music born from this fusion spans multiple genres including drone, noise, industrial, dark ambient and more.

The artist states that:

“The album is made up of a single idea: the notion of existence. The engine of this creation is based on the sole intention of making songs so that they exist as mere songs, without the integrated will to make a conceptual or an otherwise unitary album. Paradoxically, still this existential individuality is what gives it a clear concept, working like a sonic brick or a piece of infinity.

Espinoza Espinoza is inspired by the appearance and way of existence of that of a cactus. Its essence is based on the maximization of resources, lacking everything they do not need. Cactaceae is a tribute to that sufficiency, to existence, repetition, and simplicity – a mantra that keeps repeating over and over again. In the end, by accumulation, something simple has been transformed into something conveying complexity beyond imagination, imagination, even though the basis remains the same, reflecting on the impossibility of thoughts generating thoughts.”

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