Enigmatical – Towards Entropy and the End of Time


Artist: Enigmatical

Single: Towards Entropy and the End of Time
Album: Total Entropy Agenda

Label: Independent

Release Date: 06/07/2022

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

I’m not usually the first to jump at covering singles, but when a track really stands out to me I have to give credit where it is due. Enigmatical have earned a few choice words with their latest single Towards Entropy and the End of Time and not just for having one of the most badass albums covers I’ve seen in a long time. I mean I seriously cannot express how much I love this album art, especially as a diehard fan of the Alien universe.

Enough about art though, I’m here to talk about music and what we have here is a fantastic blend of dark industrial, black metal and death metal. The band manage to pull off this fusion very tastefully, more so than many bands that combine the same genres. They have managed to do an even better job of this on this latest single than they did on their previous full-length release. What I mean by this is that the industrial elements are used to accentuate the atmosphere around the extreme metal elements, they shape the tone and energy presented on the track but do not define the track itself. The music is still very recognisably based in extreme metal. Whereas with many other industrial metals acts the music doesn’t really know what it is, it flip flops between styles awkwardly, never really making a clear cut decision.

The pounding machine-like programmed drums really are defining element on the track and work in perfect unison with the guitar work and the epic synth-based elements. These industrial elements add a dark texture and sense of danger to the music while also adding a pretty catchy pulsing beat in the second half of the track. We have the Entity to thank for all of that, as they handle all musical elements of the project. The raw black and death metal vocals on the other hand are thanks to the work of The Voice and they really tie it all together. I should clarify though that not all of the vocals on this song are The Voice’s, as Dusk provides guest vocals on the song.

Overall, this is a solid offering of industrial extreme metal and one that has me extremely excited to hear the band’s upcoming single releases. When speaking to the band they informed me that they will be slowly releasing one song at a time in the lead up to the album rather than going for a more traditional release method of a single or two then the full album drop on the day of release. Personally, I like this release style and have seen it work well for many bands. All I have to say is that if the other tracks are of the same quality as this one then we are in for one hell of an album.

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