Emily Nenni – On the Ranch


Artist: Emily Nenni
Album: On the Ranch

Released: November 1st 2022

Label: New West Records

Location: Bay Area/Nashville

Length: 32 min 36 sec

Emily Nenni is originally from the Bay Area and currently out of Nashville. This record is the follow up to her “Hell of a Woman” full length, along with the singles Long Game and I Owe You Nothin’, which is where I first became familiar with her as an artist. Mike Eli played guitar, Alex Lyon played bass, Bardford Dobbs played drums, Eddy Dunlap on steel and dobro, with Ryan Jennings and Jack Quiggins handling backing vocals on the recording.

Nenni did a good job with the anticipation on this release. It seemed like her output was measured, steady, and juuuuust enough the audience wanted to hear what else was in store. That paired with a kind of creeping single release of several tracks from the full length all the way up to its release date (Nov. 4 ‘22) definitely made for tunes that folks were looking forward to. It didn’t disappoint!

All the tracks are really well placed in terms of tempo and the recording was pretty air tight. Opening track Can Chaser, a high energy number about a Rodeo Queen, is a great way to lead into some warm and familiar honky tonk shuffling jams like On The Ranch and In The Mornin’. That all mixed in to some heartache in the form of Leaving, along with a clever ballad about some meant-to-be lovers in The Rooster And The Hen, make for some great listening. And then, if you can’t get on board with a high powered, country fried Abba cover, I don’t know if I can do anything for you friend. Don’t get it twisted; this record is roots country all the way, however there’s enough groove and sensibility that anyone should be able to find something they enjoy a little, or more likely a lot.

Emily Nenni just wound up a tour with Kelsey Waldon where I’d find it hard to believe she didn’t steal the show. I missed my chance to see her this time around, but I won’t be making that misstep next time she comes through.

Available from newwestrecords.com or digitally $10 on Bandcamp along with streaming services:

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