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Elephantus – Elephantus


Artist: Elephantus

Release Title: Elephantus (self titled)

Label: Electric Funeral Records

Release Date: 06/11/2020

Country: Brazil

Digital Price: $3 USD

Length: 24min, 47s

Genre: Stoner/doom metal

I’ve always loved the metal that comes out of Brazil. There’s just such a great array of bands producing excellent music there and I often feel like Brazilian metal doesn’t get nearly enough love. In a broader sense I don’t think metal from South America broadly gets enough love too. Brazil was the first that captured my personal attention, though – bands like Hibria, Angra, the absolutely excellent RDP, and of course Sepultura all made me realise just how great Brazilians are when it comes to metal.

It’s with that in mind that I want to draw attention to Elephantus and their debut work, the self-titled Elephantus. Released through a Brazilian label named Electric Funeral Records that largely focuses on hardcore punk, metal and extreme metal, this EP was actually released on 19 June 2020 but was only recently drawn to my attention. I’m glad it was, because this is a special EP that I’m pleased to present to you all. I think you’re going to enjoy it.

This EP was actually recorded live in one single night at Mansão Wayne studio by band members Andrei Mamede and Marcelo Maus (Espectrovulto). Hailing from the city of Blumenau, the two have done well in their debut. Mamede plays drums, while Maus does vocals and guitars, with the two having composed the EP together. The album was produced and mixed by Derick Troia and features some great cover art by Romulo.

Honestly, the opening track of this EP is worth the price of the whole release. It’s that good. It’s both a brilliant track on its own, as well as a great way to set the tone for what’s to come. A Espinha Dorsal da Noite brings a psychedelic, middle eastern vibe that blends with an underlying aggression that Brazilian metal bands do so well. It’s the sort of track that feels like a journey well when it begins, and by the end you’re damn well ready to keep listening.

As much as you want to keep listening to A Espinha Dorsal da Noite, once you hear the opening sounds of No Rastro da Serpente next, you’ll just keep pressing on. And it pays off – there is, yet again, an excellent blend of rhythmic drumming & chanting with that hazy stoner metal sound and middle eastern feel that A Espinha Dorsal da Noite introduced us to. No Rastro da Serpente carries on what will surely become an excellent trademark sound if Elephante continues releasing new works. An excellent fusion of different cultural elements come together yet again here to produce another track whose rhythmic variety, aggression, riffs and arrangements produce something that I’m going to keep listening to over and over again.

The final two tracks are also great in their own right. O Chamado da Floresta is a little more traditional than the other tracks, focusing mainly on grinding guitars and more prominent vocals with a sludge-like sound. In O Chamado da Floresta there is definitely that dirge-like feel that captures a similar sort of sound that has been perfected in the US. Although by the second half of this track it develops increasingly more and more into an almost contemplative haze.

The EP ends the way it begins with Elefantíase Pineal – which is to say on a brilliant note. While this EP overall has a pretty raw sound compared to many works that I’ve reviewed, the creativity, enthusiasm and intensity more than makes up for it. And with tracks like Elefantíase Pineal, if you love the more psychedelic side of metal then you’re going to really enjoy this EP. It’s a great finish to an excellent EP that I know I’m going to be listening to for a long time to come. And I’m sure you will too if you give this one a chance.

I hope you enjoy Elephantus.

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