Artist: Edoma

Album: Immemorial Existence

Label: Petrichor, originally released by: Morning Star Heathens Music Group

Re-release Date: 12 February, 2021, original release date May 1st, 2020

Country: St Petersburg, Russia

Digital Price: €7 (8.30 USD)

Length: 44min 6s

Genre: Black / Death Metal

Cave Dweller Music would like to welcome Mitchfynde to our ever growing contributer list. For his first piece he’s decided to take a look at Edoma and their debut full-length album Immemorial Existence, which has been re-released by Petrichor on February 19th. The album was originally released on May 1st, 2020 by Morning Star Heathens Music Group.

Despite this being their debut, Edoma has been around for a few years. They formed in September 2017 in St. Petersberg, Russia. They have spent this time doing relentless rehearsals and testing their mettle live! They began recording in late 2019 and, now, here we are in 2021 with Immemorial Existence.

Edoma’s brand of blackened death metal is addictive. The way the frostbitten scandinavian-style black metal riffs segue into these fat, chunky death metal riffs is a real thing of beauty. There is a certain tastefulness to all the riffs. They never go so dissonant as to knock you off guard, never so melodic as to give you a tummy ache. What you end up with is a real feeling of balance. Mature compositions that show a band who has not gone into their debut without some real thought about how the songs should sound and progress.

The production is very clean, not sterile, and full. It’s not hard to focus and easily pick out what each individual instrument is doing. That distorted bass sound is downright menacing! The vocals are a fairly standard mid-range rhasp, but I was surprised to hear some subtle clean backing vocals on one of the tracks. It gave the track a nice ambiance.

There is one downside to the album. All the mature songwriting, clean production, and the tight performance sort of leads to an album that sounds really great AS AN ALBUM, but has no real highlights or standout tracks. I can easily put this on at any time and listen to the whole thing, enjoying every moment, but nothing really jumps out. It’s an incredibly easy listen as far as blackened death goes, but there is no real hook.

I enjoyed Edoma’s debut a great deal. They have found a good formula and they’ve stuck to it, but it is just that… formulaic. I just hope they learn to go a little more outside of their comfort zone on future releases. That being said… if you want a good, old-fashioned blackened death metal album in 2021, this is definitely it.

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