Eaten By Sharks – Eradication


Artist: Eaten By Sharks

Album: Eradication
Label: Independent

Release Date: 26/08/2022

Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Eaten by sharks is a band that embodies the spirit of their theme. You may have already guessed it from their band name, logo and album art but these boys play slam influenced technical death metal, and they play it well.

As with all bands of this genre that know how to actually do things correctly, the band make music that is fun, catchy, stupidly heavy and full to the brim with groove. The vocals are exactly what you want from the genre, somewhere between guttural and barked, rapid fire and perfectly mixed and levelled with the instrumentals. It’s not surprising given that the album was produced, mixed and mastere by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy and engineered by Dom Grimard.

The songs are all on the shorter side, with the whole album coming in at under 30 minutes. Just the right amount of time for an album with this level of auditory intensity. The release will hit the spot for any listener looking for something to headbang along to or drive fast down and open road. The album is made even more enjoyable by the fact that the band clearly don’t take themselves too seriously and just wanted to make a badass album about sharks, because sharks are metal as fuck. What’s even more metal? Monstrous humanity ending sharks, exactly what is depicted on the release’s unreasonably awesome album cover.

The guitar tone is thick and heavy throughout, but not so heavy that it detracts from the all-important groove elements or hinders the band’s technicality. The ceaseless flow of riffs that perpetually drives the album forward is backed perfectly by thick, chunky bass that sits just enough in the mix to be able to be heard consistently without overshadowing the guitar. The drum work matches the energy of the two perfectly and rounds out the album’s overall sound, really boosting the overall energy of the release.

If you’re looking for a band that is going to push boundaries and advance music as an artform then you have come to the wrong place with this album. However, if you’re seeking something that is well performed and a ton of fun to listen to then I think that Eradication will be just what the doctor ordered. Personally, I think this is a fantastic debut from a band that I can see developing a solid fan base given just how enjoyable their music and their sense of fun.

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