Domestic Terror – Domestic Terror


Artist: Domestic Terror

Album: Domestic Terror

Label: X7AX Records

Release Date: 26/02/2021

Country: United States

Let’s start the week by looking at Domestic Terror‘s upcoming full-length self-titled release Domestic Terror, set to be released on February 26th on X7AX Records.

The band hail from Columbus, Ohio and play a blend of brutal death metal, grindcore and beatdown hardcore with slam and deathcore elements. They formed back in 2008 and have two EPs, a split and one other full-length album under their belt, this album follows their 2016 EP High on Violence. The band are T.J. Menzie (bass), Tobias Funk (guitars), Jordan Holland (vocals) {whose other band Weed Demon we interviewed last year, listen here} and Jamy Landis (drums).

I’ll admit straight up that I am not an expert on brutal death metal or slam, but that they’re styles that I generally tend to enjoy when I do listen to them. Grindcore and hardcore I’m a lot more familiar with and luckily for me the band fuses all of these elements perfectly. What I did notice immediately about the album is the number and quality of the riffs on the release. I hope you like palm-muted riffs because they are here and in great numbers. The guitar work is relentless and super heavy, but at the same time has a crazy amount of groove to it. So, despite the heaviness and aggression of the album there is a constant level of groove and rhythm thanks to the slam influences. There’s a great blend between riffs being either on the more technical side of things or shifting more into downtuned breakdown territory.

The vocals on the album are exactly what you would expect from a band of this nature (in a good way), they are guttural and powerful and pair perfectly with the instrumental elements on the album. Accompanying these vocals, you’ll also find high pitched screeches to add extra emphasis due to their sheer contrast to the other vocals on the release. The other thing I have to give massive praise to is the incredible bass on the album, it’s simply fantastic. The tone is thick and chunky, it’s extremely technical and runs parallel to the guitar for the most part. It’s also mixed extremely high in the overall arrangement so you can always make it our clearly. Drum wise it’s a pounding assault, that matches the guitar it ferocity and relentlessness and adds plenty to the overall brutality of the music.

Overall, as someone who isn’t hugely familiar with this style of music outside of a few select bands, this was a fantastic and enjoyable listening experience. Even if you’re not a brutal death metal fan, I highly suggest giving this album a listen anyway, it will most likely surprise you. One track is out so far for you to check out and pre-orders are available.

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