Dog Fashion Disco – Cult Classic


Artist: Dog Fashion Disco

Album: Cult Classic

Label: Razor to Wrist Records

Release Date: 03/12/2022

Location: Rockville, Maryland

Written by Brian Lloyd

Dog Fashion Disco is simply the most underrated band in music today without a single doubt. Every album is a masterpiece filled with catchy hooks, off kilter time signatures, genre bending musical work, and pitch perfect production. Their last album 2015’s Ad Nauseum showed a heavier and more straightforward direction where Cult Classic is almost a return to form. Giving the listener no way to catch their breath while the band switches from genre to genre with smooth as butter transitions and some of the best vocals in music today.

Cult Classic starts by scaring you with the intro to “Spider Fan” as it builds to a perfect chorus with earworm passages. “This Sow is Mine” is a highlight on the album with speed burst heaviness yet incredibly catchy hooks that get into your head and never leave. Songs like “Vomitorium” and “Black Omens” prove that over the years Dog Fashion DIsco hasn’t lost a bit of what makes them amazing. Ending the album with “Destroyer of Hearts” a lounge song from hell allowing the listener to be lulled into the perfect melodies and haunting vocal performance of Todd Smith who puts his everything into each track on this album.

While unclassifiable the sounds created by Todd Smith, Jasan Stepp, Brian White, TIm Swanson and John Ensmingerare just so goddamn memorable it leaves new listeners wondering where the hell this band has been all their life. Cult Classic is just more proof that Dog Fashion Disco is the best thing the avant-garde alternative music genre has ever produced and easily making it into my album of year list with this masterpiece of an album.Listen to and order the album:




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