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The Futility Of Breathing (Out April 21st)


About the Album

With their second album The Futility Of Breathing, Dimwind wanted to follow up the story from their debut album Slow Wave Violence by exploring a state of grief after losing a loved one. But during the creation of the album, one of them suffered a terrible tragedy, when Andreas’ wife suddenly passed away. An unforeseen crisis that can turn someone’s life upside down. The fact that the painful emotions that wash over one in such a case fit so eerily with the theme they were already weaving into the music made the whole situation even more elusive. Andreas’ struggle is still daily but making music in general and this album in particular proved to be vital. So with this release, it is Dimwind’s sincere intention that the songs serve as a conversation partner for those who have ever experienced – The Futility Of Breathing.

About the Band

Andreas and Jonas have played together in different constellations since the late 90’s and established Dimwind as an instrumental duo in 2019. Their vision is to create emotional soundscapes that capture and retain the listener’s focus by constantly being in motion. With melancholic sadness and sweet harmonies combined with crushing guitars and cascading crescendos, they strive to provoke both reflection and empowerment. Their sound can be briefly described as progressive post-metal with post-rock aesthetics. The theme that drapes their music tends to introspect the human struggle against difficulties in the emotional and mental realm. In 2021 they signed with UK label Trepanation Recordings and released their critically acclaimed debut album Slow Wave Violence. In 2022 they teamed up with American act Breaths to release the split EP Seasons.

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