Destiny Bond – Be My Vengeance


A new hardcore/punk band from Denver, CO, follows their positive interest to record an album both danceable and fun to sing a long with. 

Artist: Destiny Bond

Release Title: Be My Vengeance 

Label: Convulse Records

Release Date: June 23rd 2023

Location: Denver, Colorado

Digital Price: $7 on Bandcamp 

Length: 18 Minutes 30 Seconds 

Written by Joshua Greenbaum 

Throughout punk, hardcore, and metal history a band will break out with a new style bringing many more bands to follow or imitate it.

When Slayer began to get bigger, so many punk/hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and pretty much the whole Boston scene got heavier and thrashier. 

In the late 80’s Fugazi brought out a whole new wave of angular emo-tinged punk bands.

In the early 90’s Quicksand became more groove oriented than their members hardcore pasts influencing new bands so much so that the Initial Record Distribution Catalog had a “Quicksand Influenced” category. 

The same things would happen after Earth Crisis, themselves a Slayer influenced band, brought on hordes of metalcore in the late 90’s and Philly’s Kid Dynamite did with melodic hook filled snotty sounding punk bands circa 2000.

After the breakout of last year’s Glow On, expect many Turnstile clones in the near future. 

But sometimes a new band comes out that just wants to play some old style melodic fun danceable hardcore music. Denver, CO’s Destiny Bond is one of those bands.

Destiny Bond, named after a Pokemon move, became their present line up in 2021 when the members of the band Sweet Kiss recruited singer Chloe Madonna to front a new renamed version of the band. 

In the Fall of 2021 they released their first demo, followed by a promo ep in 2022, both featuring some rougher versions of tracks which would end up on Be My Vengeance.

 Then in June 2023, the full length Be My Vengeance was released on Denver, Colorado’s Convulse Records.

The album kicks off with “Chew”. The song is creepy crawl hardcore with Chloe’s urgent strained vocals. No metal to be found, bringing to mind old school style bands like Life’s Halt or No Justice. About ¾ of the way in the song does pick up setting the tor “Worlds Unseen” at track 2. 

The fast “Kinetic” at Track 3, with lines like “pick yourself off the floor”, “burn your brightest every single night”, and “take a moment to feel, Destiny Bond, despite the album title is a band with a positive message. This would be displayed again in “The Glow”, at Track 9, with its own positive “Couldn’t go it alone” message.

Following are a couple more singalong and danceable hardcore songs, bringing to mind hardcore legends 7 Seconds and the burned out too fast melodic Boston area hardcore band Fastbreak. Especially at Track 10  “Harmony” with its fast hooks before winding down the album with gang vocals and extended guitar solos morphing into acoustic for the last few minutes of the album. Make sure to look out for the slight Minor Threat “Think Again”guitar tributes throughout the song.

Overall I would say Be My Vengeance (the name taken from a line in “The Glow”, is easily the most danceable hardcore/punk album of the year. The sing a long positive message lyrics make it even more enjoyable. 

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