Deadly Sin Sloth/Thou Art Dead – Deadly Sin Sloth/Thou Art Dead Split

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Artist: Deadly Sin Sloth / Thou Art Dead

Album: Deadly Sin Sloth/Thou Art Dead Split

Label: Independent

Release Date: 29/05/2020

Country: United States

Deadly Sin Sloth and Thou Art Dead teamed up back in May of this year to release when hell of a split, so today we finally get around to talking about it. The self-titled release dropped back on May 29th and was independently released.

So if you don’t know either band, Deadly Sin Sloth hail from Xenia Ohio and play a blistering blend of sludge, doom, death and black metal. They formed back in 2014 and have released an extensive number of EPs and splits since that time. The band is Willy Pickton who goes by W.P. on guitar, bass and drums (also in Ancient Sickness, Northern Wind, The Whorehouse Massacre, Witchsnake), Jason Snyder who goes by J.S. on vocals (also in Squelch Chamber and Dissolute), and Kyle Hughes who goes by K.H on guitar. The band don’t disclose which members play which instruments in the band.

Next up we have Thou Art Dead, a band that are very hard to track down or find information on, but what I do know from speaking with Jason is that the band originally started out as Bibilic Blood and that their lineup for this split was Scott Stearns on guitar and Suzy on bass and vocals. Scott was actually the one responsible for the album’s artwork and is involved in numerous bands.

So let’s get started on the music, we have an 8 track split here, with 4 songs from each band. The first half of the album is all Deadly Sin Sloth, starting with the opener Oil Injected. What a start to an album, immediately from second 1 of the song we’re hit with reverb and distortion. Howled, barked and screeched vocals echo through the void to be barely understood and yet their intent is clear. This is filthy music at its finest and sets the tone for the album as a whole. Well to get technical, the album art sets the tone of the album, the music is essentially an audio equivalent of what that art makes you feel. And the music I’m talking about here is a blend between sludge, doom, death and black metal.

Track 2 Life Support changes paces and picks up a creeping dirge like pace, like something ominous slowly approaching. There’s an uneasy background tone to the slow and heavy foreground. The title of the track is apt, because if you really think about what this makes you feel, it’s like being on life support while death slowly creeps up on you, its inevitable and unstoppable.

Track 3 Negative Thoughts is another slower paced track with downtuned feedback laden guitars, it’s not quite as slow and heavy as track 2 and the vocals are a little higher in the mix. This is by far the longest track on the album and comes in at 7:32. There’s a ceaseless unrelenting rumble underlying this song that is always audible but at times takes the foreground when the band allows for moments of what would otherwise be silence.

Track 4 Straight Forward is the last song from Deadly Sin Sloth and brings us to halfway. This is an ominous song from the very start, with very minimalistic instrumentals in the form of drawn out reverb leading the track, while the vocals aggressively bark away between sparse notes. The drums are slow and infrequent and fit the overall tone of the track perfectly. This song is essentially the audio equivalent of anxiety itself. It has a growing tension to it as you constantly wait for things to pick up and they slowly do being to add more guitar which adds to the tension in the track but ultimately you never get the release you’re hoping for and that’s the beauty of the track.

Track 5 Thou Art Dead is our first taste of the band by the same name. There is an immediate difference in styles. This is more atmospheric right off the bat, with an interesting soundscape and robotic sounding voice to kick of the track. We get shouted female vocals piercing through the mix here. This is a vastly different beast to the first half of the album. There are more noise and dark ambient influences here and things are a little more experimental and atmosphere focused.

Track 6 Transporter Psychosis has some psychedelic and stoner influences to start out with. This is another atmosphere laden track and is very different to the previous song. There are even some bluesy elements thrown into the mix here. the distorted female vocals pierce through the mix again and towards the end of the track we get more dark ambient, noise-based experimentation.

Track 7 Skull Eyes kicks off with more ambient/noise elements but kicks into downtuned, distorted mode pretty quickly. We get the signature faded and echoing vocals calling through the mix and this time they’re screaming “HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE!” and honestly it’s a little unsettling. The track continues like this right through to the finish, not letting up on the heaviness for the sake of experimentation or ambience like in other songs before it.

The final track on the album is Molecular Ceremony and starts off with some stoner doom atmosphere and guitar work. This continues right through from the start to the finish of the track. We have here a low energy, feedback laden instrumental offering to end the album on a note of relief from the assault that the split has been.

Overall, this release is fantastic. While I can see the similarities that lead to the split taking place, both bands are very different beasts. While Deadly Sin Sloth is far more raw, aggressive and filthy, Thou Art Dead is far more atmospheric and experimental. The fact that there is that difference keeps things interesting on the release. If I had to pick a side, I would definitely lean more towards Deadly Sin Sloth, but that’s just a personal preference, as their music is exactly what I love. I highly recommend giving it a spin and then maybe two or three more spins after that.

Listen to the full album below:


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