DayGlo Mourning – Dead Star


Artist: DayGlo Mourning

Album: Dead Star

Label: Black Doomba Records

Release Date: 12/02/2021

Country: United States

Let’s take a look at DayGlo Mourning and their upcoming full-length album Dead Star, set to be released on February 12th on Black Doomba Records, in partnership with Dewar PR.

The band hail from Atlanta, Georgia and formed back in 2017. They play a blend of psychedelic rock and doom, stoner and sludge metal with plenty of groove in the mix. This is their second full length album and follows both their self-titled 2018 release Dayglo Mourning and their 2018 split Rope Enough for Two with Bludy Gyres. The band is Ray Miner (drums), Joe Mills (guitars and vocals) and Jeremy McNeil (vocals and bass).

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the second I saw the album art for Dead Star I thought “okay this is going to be awesome.” I’m happy to say that I wasn’t wrong as this album kicks some serious ass. The amount of thick fuzzy stoner riffs and the overall grooviness of the album adequately match up to the energy given off by Montdoom‘s (an artist who I’ve actually been following for quite some time now) amazing artwork. The vocals are equally well suited to the music and art and are made up of two styles. There’s a gruffer style that reminds me in part of Orange Goblin’s vocalist Ben Ward with a bit less of a harsh edge and then there’s a more relaxed, psychedelic style. The two balance each other out well and help keep things interesting. There are also some great echoed effects added at times to these softer vocals helping to give them a trippier, more psychedelic feel.

I would call the guitar tone thick and fuzzy but not harsh, the album is more about groove than it is about aggression. Additionally, while parts of the album are pretty damn heavy, I would say that heaviness isn’t a primary focus of the album either as this always subsides back to smooth groovy segments after a while. The psychedelic elements on the release come through in some of the meandering and captivating guitarwork on the album, as well as some of the more jam-based elements and I’m extremely glad that it’s there. The bass work on the whole album is solid, but it really shines through on those particular segments, adding some really funky elements to the mix. Track 3 Bloodghast is a prime example of this and a must listen track. Then again, the opening bass work on track 4 Faithful Demise is pretty damn killer too and leads us into some of the heaviest music on the album, but also featuring some great psych-based elements.

The drum work on the album is solid and shifts and changes between heavier and more fast paced when needed but becomes softer and more entrancing when paired with the more psych based elements on the album. As far as riffs go there are some truly killer ones throughout the release. Ranging from tasty fuzzy laden stoner metal licks to the aforementioned psych based meandering guitar parts, it’s all awesome. There are some interesting and unusual elements on the album too such as the use of monastic Gregorian chants on track 5 Ashwhore. This would probably have to also be one of the harshest on the album, with almost shouted vocals throughout the song. Don’t worry though they still managed to fit in a heavy dose of psych.

Overall, this a fantastic album and a truly impressive offering of psychedelic goodness. If you love groovy music, thick bass guitar and both heavy fuzzy and psych-based guitar work then this is probably going to make you pretty happy. So, take some time out of your day and give the pre-released tracks a spin and put your pre-order in today.

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