Crowbar – Zero and Below


Artist: Crowbar

Album: Zero and Below

Label: MNRK Heavy

Release Date: 03/04/2022

Location: Louisiana, United States

In 1991, when Obedience thru Suffering came out the world hadn’t heard anything quite like it. A slow doomy metal with the aggression and angst of hardcore. Crowbar had made an entire genre. Here on Zero and Below, the twelfth studio album, they give us more of the same, and while that might sound stale to some, the album is a well produced breath of fresh air in the metal scene today.

Right from the first chord, “The Fear that Binds You” is obviously a Crowbar album. Kirk Windstein delivers his dry and grinding croon, slowly building on one catchy riff to the next. Honestly if you have been a fan of Crowbar, nothing here is surprising. The Sludgy sadness of “Her Evil is Sacred” to the almost punk aggressiveness of “Bleeding from Every Hole”, Crowbar sounds as fresh as they always have and the songs sound as sludgy and bluesy as they ever have.

Zero and Below isn’t going to win over any new fans, Crowbar is on display here doing what they do best and doing it just like they always have. Slow crushing riffs and musty bass and drums with Windstein’s signature scream. The album delivers on every level if you have always been a fan. If you’re looking for Crowbar to cover some new territory though, you might find yourself a little disappointed.

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