Cortége – Chasing Daylight


Artist: Cortége

Album: Chasing Daylight

Label: Desert Records

Country: United States

Release Date: 26/02/2021

Firstly today we take a look at Cortége and their upcoming EP Chasing Daylight, set to be released February 26th on Desert Records, in partnership with Clawhammer PR.

The band hail from Austin Texas and on this particular release they play a unique and experimental blend of post/spaghetti-western soundtrack, psychedelic rock, drone doom and ambient music. The band is Mike Swarbrick (bass VI, moog, mellotron and tubular bells) and Adrian Voorhies (drums), we also get a special guest appearance from Michael St. Claire (brass). The album’s fantastic artwork is courtesy of Steven Yoyada.

There are two accurate ways to describe this release, the first is how the band described it “If Earth and Pink Floyd teamed up and did a soundtrack to a David Lynch film.” This is completely accurate, but my way of describing it would be if a western movie was set in space. I know for many of you that brings to mind Star Wars, but I don’t mean that, I mean more along the lines of A Fistful of Dollars having a baby with Star Trek and then throwing in a bunch drone doom and psychedelic elements. Unfortunately for us we only get two tracks on the EP totaling less than 20 minutes. I honestly wish there was more of this music, it’s so unique and captivating that I can’t stop listening to it and I need more than two tracks to satisfy my cravings.

The twangy guitar tone and dramatic, suspenseful energy of the western soundtrack is fully intact here. It still conjures images of desperados riding into a small town at sundown and the citizens running into their houses and businesses to look out and see what’s about to go down. It still makes you think of men on horses riding through a canyon while a group of men wait to ambush them from above. It still captures that outlaw attitude that helped make the movies it accompanied what they were. However, it does more than this, it also helps to paint a new picture thanks to the more experimental elements on the album. I say that it makes me think of a sci-fi western due to the futuristic aspects that the drone and psychedelic elements bring to the mix. I guess maybe saying that there are space rock tones to the whole thing would make sense.

Overall, this is a fantastic EP and one that shouldn’t be missed. The album’s biggest strength is its ability to create immersive atmospheres that take the listener on a journey or at the very least paint an image of a scene playing out in their head. Chasing Daylight for me conjures up classic western scenes that I know and love but changes the setting from New Mexico to Mars and replaces the six shooters with phasers (set to kill I might add). So, take some time out of your day and give this a spin. Right now, only one of the two tracks are available but trust me you’ll want to hear the other one.

Listen to and order the album below:


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