Corrupt Moral Altar – Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things


Artist: Corrupt Moral Altar

Album: Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things

Label: APF Records

Release Date: 27/11/2020

Country: United Kingdom

My first awareness of Liverpool’s Corrupt Moral Altar came from seeing them support Magrudergrind in London a few years back. Magrudergrind are an incredibly intense live act, so the fact that I walked away from this gig with as many memories of Corrupt Moral Altar’s set as I did Magrudergrind’s spoke volumes about them. As does the fact that guitarist John Cooke is also a live member of Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh – these are not gigs you get unless you have serious grindcore chops. The rest of the band’s roster (guitarist Adam Clarkson, drummer Tom Dring and vocalist Chris Reese) all have some pretty good musical CVs too, and together the band have been raising the standard of grindcore over two full length albums and a number of EPs and splits. Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things sees them push their sound even further, with the band turning every element of their style up a notch. Everything seems more intense, more diverse and more confident than ever before, and the band have never sounded better production wise.

The EP kicks off with the animalistic riffing of Cathedral Of Porn. It begins in a quite groovy style, eschewing the traditional grindcore speed for a more mid tempo pace, which makes it even more impactful when they do go into full grind mode after roughly one minute. There is an absolutely vicious release of energy that tears at your eardrums for a good while, before the band slips back into the groove again. The vocals are throat shredding, yet in parts actually have some tunefulness to them. You Smell Expensive follows and blends similarly groovy parts with some more noisy and mathy elements that clash brilliantly with the classic grindcore brutality of the main riffs. The vocals move from high screams to guttural growls with ease, and the track concludes with a solitary lung breaking wail. Maximum Bastardry starts in a more punk fashion with a catchy hardcore first half that then releases into an absolutely merciless second half, the track moving into savage death metal territory full of slams riffs and atonal chords.

Then there is suddenly quite a curveball, with Spirit Breaker delving into post-rock territory through a lovely section of melancholic guitar chords washed in reverb over some rather impressive jazz drumming. It doesn’t last long though because the band quickly throw this softness into the gutter and then repeatedly punch and kick us in the face with the rest of the track. There is barely a moment to breathe away from these relentless riffs that flow easily from hyper-speed grind to sludgey chugs. Around two thirds through though that opening caveat suddenly makes sense because the band bring the part back, albeit in grindcore form, for the final movement of the track. It’s very reminiscent of Napalm Death’s more post-punk indebted songs, but as quickly as the riff begins to build it’s layers it melts away again into the relative calmness that the track began with.

The final track, I Am An Ocean Of Wisdom is pulling no punches at all to finish the record. It’s a piece of quintessential modern grindcore, thrashing around from death metal to hardcore and throwing in some atonal melodies too, while keeping everything at full velocity throughout. Even the slower sections are so heavy you can almost feel the air moving from their amplifier speakers.

Corrupt Moral Altar have once again upped their game, and proven themselves as a phenomenal modern grindcore band. In a genre where bands like Napalm Death who started the genre all those years ago are still putting out the best grindcore albums, it’s tough for new bands to find a way to break through without some kind of gimmick. Corrupt Moral Altar don’t need any gimmicks though, their music is everything grindcore should be: powerful, fun and fierce all in one. They’ve made a masterful EP here, and Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things should be framed as an example of just how extraordinary grindcore can continue to be.

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