Clouds Taste Satanic – 79 A.E.


I am a firm believer that Clouds Taste Satanic are the best instrumental band to ever grace our collective consciousness. My love for their patented brand of music began with 2017’s The Glitter Of Infinite Hell, and here we are now, seven years and seven albums later,  talking about their most impressive work to date, the two track behemoth called 79 A.E.

Genres: Instru-Metal, Heavy Psych, Cinematic, Post-Metal, Progressive, Stoner, Doom

Artist: Clouds Taste Satanic

Release Name: 79 A.E.

Label: Majestic Mountain Records

Release Date: March 1st, 2024

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Written By: Tom Hanno/Tom’s Reviews

I was completely ecstatic when Clouds Taste Satanic and Majestic Mountain Records announced the upcoming 79 A.E. album. What intrigued me all the more was that these two songs were inspired by an as-of-yet unmade feature from Parasitic Films that will go by the same name. CTS had signed on to do the soundtrack, but were so stricken by the script that they went to work on what has become their 10th album, and what an album it is. Let me set the scene for you …

A barren, post-apocalyptic landscape, inhabited by hooded figures whose purpose is to carry on the business of living after the demise of Planet Earth by an asteroid strike. Their faces hidden behind their robes, their intentions equally guarded, yet there’s an ominous quality to their presence that’s undeniably dark, and the multiple warring factions will have to take out the others in order to survive this dangerous new chapter in human history. If this sounds like a Sci-Fi, Spaghetti Western to you, then you’re right on the money, and if it gives you Doom laden overtones, well, then you’re right there too.

79 A.E. consists of “Collision”, and “Reclamation”. The first track is obviously about the asteroid colliding with our planet, and the utter devastation that it causes, while the second, in my interpretation, is about man rising to reclaim whatever is left of the world.

“Collision” is chock full of riffs, ranging from Drone to Stoner, all of which are designed to inspire your imagination. My interpretation is one that involves the humans finding out that they’re doomed, that this asteroid is the one that ends everything, with the track eventually moving on to that chunk of space rock hitting Earth. CTS are masters of storytelling, with the music taking the place of words, and this track does indeed tell the story of the final days, hours, and minutes that precede an unstoppable apocalyptic event.

“Reclamation” is about the aftermath of the collision, and how the survivors set out to reclaim their place in what’s left of the world. The music is equally as impressive as what’s contained within “Collision”, adding more depth to the wordless story, making your mind create the film by using your imagination. I also love the fact that this music can rise and fall with such grace, never feeling forced, and as I’ve pointed out, doesn’t need lyrics in order to convey a message or feeling, leading me to believe that CTS are better at storytelling than a lot of bands who utilize lyrics.

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