Chaos Over Cosmos – The Silver Lining Between the Stars


Artist: Chaos Over Cosmos

Album: The SIlver Lining Between Stars

Label: Independent

Release Date: 08/01/2021

Location: Warszawa, Poland

Virtuoso guitar playing doesn’t quite cover what is on display here, Rafał Bowman is putting on a clinic of master guitar work and unique song writing. Paired with the amazing vocals by KC Lyon the band takes you on a journey through sound and lyrics that is full of twists and turns. The album pulls in the listener with unique song production, panning drums left and right and sweeping guitar that fades in and out of the listener’s ear. There is just so much potential here that its dripping with energy.

“Violent Equilibrium” starts the show and delivers an almost 11 minute magnum opus. At first I thought that the band was instrumental as the vocals don’t kick in for almost five minutes but once they do the aggression and vibrancy are in full effect, with lyrics about space serial killers and critiques of religious values creep into your head as KC Lyon delivers his impassioned screams. The very last track “The Sins Between the Stars” introduces some very interesting clean vocals, making you think of bands like Hum or Failure mixed in with KC’s Meshuggah esque style and delivery.

When I say potential I mean there are some moments where I was unable to tell I wasn’t listening to a band with a full record contract. The production is so smooth and careful that it’s hard to tell this is an indie release. “The Silver Lining Between the Stars” is a great listen and anyone who enjoys it should buy their album and support this up and coming sound.

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