Chaos Over Cosmos – A Dream if There Ever Was One


Artist: Chaos Over Cosmos

Album: A Dream if Ever There Was One

Label: Independent

Release Date: 11/09/2022

Location: Warszawa, Poland and USA

Sometimes potential is actualized in such a grand way that it’s impossible to predict. That can be said for Chaos Over Cosmos new album A Dream if Ever There Was One. Having listened recently to their 2021 album The Silver Lining Between The Stars, I was blown away by the technical mastery and powerful vocals, but here, on this album, Rafał Bowman and KC Lyon have outdone themselves in every conceivable way. Heavier, more technical, beautifully produced and damn near perfect progressive metal from the heavens above.

Sounding like it was conceived in the cosmos itself, A Dream If Ever There Was One, kicks off into the stars like a bat out of hell, perfect technical virtuosity and an emotional vocal delivery laid out in a space of amazing production value and even heavier sounds than ever before.

From track one the technical wizardry begins on the intro Continuum bleeding into the blazing Fire-Eater. Chaos Over Cosmos sounds as if they are channeling some kind of baby between Animal as Leaders and early era Soilwork with a taste of Strapping Young Lad. KC Lyon delivering a pitch perfect performance and some new and amazing clean vocals, as well as a performance from Keaton Lyon on Navigating by Moonlight. The album simply doesn’t let up save for a few quick spacey intros and outros.

A Dream if There Ever Was One is simply masterful. From beginning to end we are treated with an ethereal and technical masterwork of an album fulfilling every bit of the aforementioned potential in a blaze of metal glory. Sounding better and heavier than any of their previous releases. This is the height of tech/prog metal actualized.

Listen to Chaos Over Cosmos:


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