CDM Presents: An Interview With The Idiot Flesh

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Artist: The Idiot Flesh
Location: New Hampshire and Maine, United States
Genre: Deathgrind

JS: You span a couple of different genres and styles with your music, so how would you describe your style as a band?

TIF: Eclectic maybe? I have a hard time writing one style of music, I listen to so many different styles in my personal life it makes me want to do everything. Our first EP, Interdiminsional Cybernetic Telekentic Dissemination or ICTD for short, was largely inspired by bands like Frontierer, Psyopus, and Broken Hope. However there are moments that are more blackened because our old drummer wanted more Death Atlas era Cattle Decapitation vibe going on. Its gets a bit more straight forward I think on our last EP Voidcrawler though. Consumation is a more straight forward Death Metal track with a bigger Doom section, The Trimming is another more straight forward Death Metal track but with a big heavy breakdown section that, cliché I know, slows down a ton. It makes sense though because the next track Emaciation is more doom than anything else we had done. Then it all ramps up into Prognosis which has its slow moments but also more frantic almost blackened and tech death sections. Overall, im mostly just writing whatever I want.

JS: You clearly have some sci-fi themes present in your music, what inspired those?

TIF: Analog Horror did. Watching YouTube series like Local 58 inspired me to want to touch on the idea of media being corrupted and controlled. However, this also ended up with us unknowingly rewriting the short story “I Have No Mouth and I must Scream” an AI that destroys humanity because it had to.

JS: What bands would you say have been most influential on your sound?

TIF: Probably Psyopus, Frontierer, Broken Hope, and Primitive Man

JS: How did you form as a band? Did you all have any other projects before this?

TIF: Yes, personally I, Taylor, have been in a bunch of local bands the past 10 years or so. My first band was a deathcore band called The Last King, then I was in a mathcore band called The Terry O’Reilly Factor for awhile before joining a hardcore band called Trading Heroes for Ghosts. I’ve also done a bunch of little things thay never really took off like The Slow Death of Gaia, 7yyy7yyy, and Acidwash. Tommy, our singer, and I went to highschool together and this is his first proper band. However he does have a solo slam band I help produce called Tomb of Anubis that is worth checking out. Our current drummer Sean I meet through the local scene here in NH when he was playing for a Anaal Nathrakh esque death metal band called Ironborn, but he is better known around here for playing in a band called Sunken Ships.

The formation of this band is somewhat convoluted but it started when The Slow Death of Gaia was trying to be a band and we wanted to recruit Jeremy Bragg, The Idiot Flesh’s original drummer, because SDOG’s drummer at the time was just not contributing. However, we decided to give him a second chance so Jeremy and I for fun started this, The Idiot Flesh. Got my buddy Tommy on board and the rest is kinda history from there.

JS: Tell us a little bit about your latest album Void Crawler, what did that album mean to you as a band? What was the inspiration there?

TIF: Its a continuation of the events after ICTD when the AI named Nulxil has killed off basically all of humanity. Its following the story of a survivor who’s mind has been twisted beyond belief until the end where they finally find solace in (open ended ending). Its somewhat an allegory for mental health. Wanting to kill yourself, the anger you feel when you fail, the depression, and not knowing if you’re going to come out the other end or not.

JS: If you could open for any band that is currently active, who would it be?

TIF: Id love to open for Wormed or Primitve Man. Wormed because we get compared to them fairly often so that would just make sense and Primitive Man because I love that band so so so much. Other than that any band that brings people who want to mosh, I love watching people smash into each other.

JS: What’s your local scene in New Hampshire like, is it very active?

TIF: NH, and New England broadly, is a hot bed for music. There is rarely a shortage of shows or bands doing something cool.

JS: Are there any New Hampshire or Maine bands that we should all be listening to?

TIF: Deranged Youth, Ethereal Rot, Willzyx, Cytokine, Wombeater, Conforza, Sunken Ships, Tomb of Anubis and Closer Bones are all names I think are worthy of keeping an eye on

JS: What’s next for the band? Anything in the works?

TIF: Currently we’re working on a collab with Closer Bones. A Noise Doom epic if you will. Also simultaneously working on a new EP. Hoping to have them both done for next year when we start playing shows again.

We got two more gigs for this year, two NH dates. 9/11 in Derry and 10/22 in Berlin. Its hard to gig during the holiday season, so we’re going to take the winter off to hole up and write/record.

Listen to and order Void Crawler:


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