Drab Majesty-An Object in Motion


Drab Majesty has already earned a special place with their music and remarkable style for themselves in the shoegaze lovers scene but with An Object in Motion it’s possible that they’ll also steal some hearts from the psychedelic lovers. With this brand new EP which is also featuring Rachel Goswell, we can say that they’ve found themselves a new and unique direction to follow.

Artist: Drab Majesty
Album: An Object in Motion
Length: 32 min 39 sec
Label: Dais Records
Release Date: August 25th 2023
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Shoegaze/ Dreampop/ Darkwave

Written by Naz Basaran

Vanity, the opening song has a captivating melody and repetitive vocals, after only one play even if you don’t notice it in that moment, this song doesn’t struggles at all to finds it’s own way inside your head. I think it offers a very different kind of catchy song experience to one, because usually when you’re listening an album or an EP you know the song that’ll stuck in your head for a while on the first play. But what Vanity does with dreamy vocals and mesmerizing melodies that it silently hides inside your head for a while and then knocks the door to see if you can recognize the melody. And with Vanity, the duo gives you anything that you’ve been already expecting from them to give but they take a very sharp turn at Cape Perpetua and welcomes you with a psychedelic melody. The second song of this flowy EP also has dreamy tones and melodies of course it has a little bit more down to earth guitars in it and this combination, as I’d like to call it is the red carpet that Drab Majesty lays down in front of us before they introduce us to their brand new and trippy style.

The Skin And The Glove takes it away from the same down to earth guitar melodies but in my opinion Yield To Force is what really shines the most in this EP. The song offers an imprisoning journey of 15 minutes and the entire combination of sounds in this song are so strong that it can take you out of the woods just by sound while you’re just sitting in your living room. After some point this song almost offers a visual journey alongside the sound with its unique atmosphere. And what I thought when I heard it for the first time was nothing but “What is that?”. Drab Majesty does somewhat of an impossible job, by combining two dreamy and melting styles, and in the end they’re achieving a style that is very powerful, sharp and almost one-of-a-kind.

I think of shoegaze music as an out-of-the-world product, a music that stands way far out of material experiences and things around us whereas I find psychedelic approaches more in touch within the things that surround us. Perhaps identifying this style as “more material” is not the most accurate way but I find it definitely more connected with the world that holds us in compared to shoegaze. Because as you can quickly sense even from the name of this style shoegaze, keeps us inside of our little worlds and gets us lost in our depression and dreams. Which is also a very special journey to have, don’t get me wrong, but at times I personally like reminding myself with little things that we live in a huge space and we are not necessarily the main characters of that space.  I love taking a moment to remember the fact that we are not so much different from any object or being that surrounds us or lives together with us. Doing this is, I think a very sharp reality check rather than a spiritual awakening. And what I sensed strongly in Drab Majesty’s recent EP was exactly this reality check.

I also want to open one little bracket to mention how the 80’s had a huge comeback around 2010’s and now we found ourselves drifting back to the 70’s and re-remembering some psychedelic legends as a returning point for roots for all sorts of alternative music lovers. Because I think it maybe also had some sort of an effect in Drab Majesty’s new signature musical cocktail. And I strongly recommend you to take at least a sip of this!

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