Carrion – Evangelium Haeresis


Artist: Carrion

Album: Evangelium Haeresis

Label: Brutal Resonance

Release Date: 26/11/2021

Country: Norway

If you are a regular reader/listener of CDM you probably already know that we are big fans of Norways Carrion. Well luckily for us and for the rest of you the industrial innovators are back with another offering of dark and brooding sounds with their upcoming release Evangelium Haeresis. The album is set for release on November 26th on Brutal Resonance.

The band was never one to stagnate or dwell too long on a single sound or style and they’ve continued this trend on their latest offering. The release is a departure from the raw production and stripped back nature of the previous album. This time the band have gone with a grand/full sound for the release and introduced some truly catchy moments.

The album is atmosphere heavy and features plenty of ominous and textures, pulsing industrial beats and menacing undertones. Having said that I wouldn’t call the album atmospheric as it is high energy. As far as the electronics go there’s a pulsing energy to the album that flows throughout the release, a lot of which is fairly catchy and will get stuck in the head of the listener after a single listen. The guitars are machinelike and ebb and flow throughout the album, leaning more to the melodic side of things on certain tracks.

The vocals have been so distorted that they barely even sound human anymore. They come through in a shrieked nature, laden with computerized distortion and pitch altering to make then unnaturally shrill and grating. They perfectly compliment both the instrumental and electronic elements on the release. On the last two tracks however, you’ll find the inclusion of clean vocals which give the album some real variety.

As far as personal favourites go, the single Shatter the Seals is definitely a standout track and I can see why it was chosen to represent the album. Track 3 Malleus may be short but of every song on the album it stuck with me the most due to its catchy nature and pulsing beat. Tracks 5 Suffer for Me and 7 Ruins is are more stripped back and minimalistic, but that gives them the most ominous atmosphere on the release. Finally tracks 9 Wolves Ov Hades and 11 Follow the Sirens are the most melodic and clean of the album, going in more of a later career Marilyn Manson style of industrial.

I wouldn’t say that the album was an improvement or decline in quality from the last as they are simply so different that it would be impossible to make that comparison. There are things that I liked about both releases, so I’ll put it this way. If you found the last album too raw and stripped down this will be more your style and if you loved the style of the last album this may not be a direction you appreciate. However, you could be like me and appreciate each release for what it is, a standalone offering of music that should be examined within its own context and not looked at comparatively.

Whichever way you choose to look at the album, this is a solid offering of industrial metal that I suggest everyone listen to at their earliest convenience.

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