Artist: Chamber Of Mirrors

Release Title: Moonlight Decay

Label: Drakkar Productions

Release Date: June 9th 2023

Location: California U.S

Digital Price: $2 U.S

Length: 35min 02s

Written by Hoddo

‘Moonlight Decay’ is the second full length album from one man U.S based black metal act ‘Chamber Of Mirrors’. All instruments, lyrics and mixing are undertaken by the sole member who goes by the name of ‘Mortem.’ The ferocity is apparent from the get go with the opening belter ‘Blackheart’. Raw yet very melodic and well crafted riffs greet the listener with catchy hooks sunk deep within the skin during the opening seconds. Mortem delivers a reverb heavy vocal snarl creating a bleak yet enchanting atmosphere.

The instruments are all well placed in the mix with each complementing one another nicely. Synths are used frequently throughout. These add an extra element of cold darkness and atmosphere to an already oppressively dark journey. ‘Blood and Dreams’, ‘Lurker of Autumn’, ‘Knights of the Infernal Realm’ and ‘Ancient Burning Flame’ carry on this aggressive high speed formula with precision and well crafted cohesion.

The buzz-saw riffs are catchy as hell and you will be sure to have a stiff neck by the halfway mark! The title track in the middle of the album is a Synth based piece. Superbly crafted with eerie Winter synth vibes it serves as refreshing palate cleanser before the raw onslaught continues with ‘Eternal Existence’ and ‘Cloaked by Shadows of the Night’. The closing track ‘Into the Vast Wastelands’ is another eerie atmospheric synth piece that serves as a fitting end to a top tier black metal album. An album that I’ve enjoyed throughly after multiple listens. Whilst retaining an extremely raw style of black metal the production is excellent.

The riffs are clearly audible and harsh without wandering into abrasive noise territory. The drums are programmed and fairly well executed. No easy feat and I understand the difficulties artists face with such things. It’s hard to pick a favourite track from such a cohesive high quality output but ‘Knights of The Infernal Realm’ and ‘Blackheart’ would be the go to if I was forced to choose at knifepoint.

I’d like to congratulate Mortem for his efforts. ‘Moonlight Decay’ is sure to please the more seasoned listeners of the genre as well as newcomers looking to dip their toes into the dark well of raw black metal. I know I will return to this one often. The cover art fits the grim haunting tone of the album perfectly! Hats off to the artist behind the incredible piece.

Horns UP!

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