Burning Sister – Burning Sister


Artist: Burning Sister

Album: Burning Sister

Label: Independent

Release Date: 09/12/2020

Country: USA

Its finally here, the official release date for Burning Sister‘s debut self-titled EP. We’ve been sitting on this one for a little while, since we premiered the first single from the album eagerly waiting to share it with you all.

Burning Sister is a three-piece hailing from Denver, Colorado and play a blend of stoner, doom and psychedelic rock, as well as 70s style rock and heavy psych. The band define their style as downer rock, which they state is a combination of 70s rock/metal, psychedelia, acid rock and doom. They’ve given themselves the description of “mile high downer rock” and honestly it fits both the band and their music perfectly. The band is Steve (bass/vox), Drake (guitars) and Alison (drums). The album was recorded and mixed by Jamie Hillyer at Module Overload.

The band’s music definitely has a unique sound to it, well maybe not a unique sound, but rather a unique blending of sounds. What I mean by that is that while all of the elements of the band’s music are familiar to the listener, (being a mix of classic genres and styles that we know and love), an element that makes them stand out is the way that they blend them. However, blending styles is one thing, but what truly makes the band special is the way that they manage to simultaneously be depressive and upbeat, heavy and light, engaging and relaxing. This is a band that defies dichotomy, that says that opposites can truly attract and in doing so create something mesmerising and memorable. Aside from that their biggest draw card is the truckloads of groove that the band have on offer, seriously this is one GROOVY EP.

The instrumental work on the release is simply fantastic, guitar wise we are presented with a plethora of tasty riffs and hooks, all in various flavours. We get a great mix of guitar styles and tones throughout the album. From the heavier more downtuned doomy elements, through to the psychedelic mind melting riffs and the more standard 70s style bluesy classic rock riffs. It’s all in there and it’s all fantastic. The bass work adds plenty of depth the music while working to re-enforce the groove elements of the album. The vocals are used relatively sparingly on the release, a decision that I think was well made as it adds extra emphasis to them when they do appear. This also allows the music to speak for itself and not rely on vocals to be interesting or engaging. The drum work on the release is also fantastic and extremely varied to match and compliment whatever the guitar decides to do next.

The EP opens with Path Destroyer which immediately lets you know what the album is going to be all about. The track takes its time to build up momentum and atmosphere before the thick wall of fuzz and psych comes crashing down on the listener. We get 6 and a half minutes of fantastic music on this track, with a wide variety of tempos and styles presented in this time frame.

I’m not going to cover every track on the EP as we are moving more towards looking at highlights on releases rather than full track by track breakdowns, so I’ll also mention track 3 Maelstrom for having some simply killer guitar work present, as well as some very cool spacey elements.

Another special mention goes to the closing track on the album Oblivinaut, which we were lucky enough to premier. This is another fuzzy, slow burner and should please most stoner doom fans. The vocals are well suited to the track and have some great echoing effects in parts. The second half of the track leans more towards the psychedelic realm and really takes the listener on a bit of an acid-soaked journey.

Overall if you’re a fan of groovy, stoner/psych/doom you’re going to want to check this out. For a band that’s new to the scene these guys have really defined their sound in a way that many bands can only hope to achieve. Not only is this an extremely polished release, but it possesses a level focus and direction that many bands take several albums to reach. So, take some time out of your day and give the album a spin.

Listen to and order the album below:



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