Brutal Sphere – World Decomposing by Vermin


Brutal Sphere – World Decomposing by Vermin

Artist: Brutal Sphere

Album: World Decomposing by Vermin

Label: Independent

Release Date: 17/12/2021

Country: France

Brutal Sphere have un offering of pure OSDM aggression upon the world with their debut full-length album World Decomposing by Vermin. The album was independently released on December 17th.

The band’s style is definitely rooted in the old school style of death metal where riffs remain menacing and filthy yet have a certain level of underpinning melody to them. This allows the listener to fully headbang along throughout each track without sacrificing any aggression.

Vocally speaken there are two styles at play throughout the album. The first is guttural yet still fully understandable style that feels like it comes directly out of the 90s. The band have applied is lightly faded and echoed cavernous effect to these vocals that don’t detract from their power but rather ampligy their effect. The other style employed is a rawer, higher pitched screeched style that has a modern modern feeling to it. The two styles actually remind me of vocalists from acts in my home country in New Zealand, the more guttural style brings to mind Matt Sheppard of Sinate and the higher pitched style makes me think of Ben Read of 8 Foot Sativa and The Mark of Man.

Lyricly and theme wise the band continue with classic death metal tropes, focusing on death, war, violence, horror philosophy and morality. With music of this nature I don’t think you could ask for anything more fitting. The album art is also a perfect fit for the music and honestly I love the piece.

Instrumentally speaking the album has a clear and fantastic offering of both guitar and bass. There are plenty of memorable riffs thoughout the album that should please most fans of the old school style including meandering, disconrdant, high pitched wailing riffs. The bass work on the album shines through clearly and has a filthy tone to it really padding out the release. The drum work on the album perfectly matches the energy and pace of the string instruments rounding out the overall tone of the album perfectly.

Overall this is a solid release that most death metal fans should find great enjoyment in. While they aren’t re-inventing the wheel by any means nobody said that they had to. They are simply taking an already existing style of music and recreating it extremely well and sometimes that is exactly what you want and need as a listener.

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