BRUIT ≤ – The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again


Artist: BRUIT ≤

Album: The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again

Release Date: 02/04/2021

Label: Independent, Elusive Sound & Medication Time Records

Country: France

We take a look at the debut full-length album by BRUIT ≤, set to drop April 2nd, independently, as well as through Elusive Sound and Medication Time Records, in partnership with Earsplit PR.

The project hails from Toulouse, France, with the name Bruit meaning “noise” in French. The band is Theophile Antolinos (guitars and tapes), Clément Libes (bass, violin and keyboard), Luc Blanchot (cello) and Julien Aoufi (drums). Guest musician wise we have Florianne Tardy (clarinet), Benoit Huet (french horn), Fabien Dormic (bass trombone) and Juliette Carlier (vibraphone). The album was produced by La Tanière and Elusive Sound and was recorded in several studios across France – Le manoir de léon, La Tanière, and L’imprimerie – after which it was mixed by Clément Libes at La Tanière and mastered by Alexis Bardinet at Globe Audio Mastering. The album art is courtesy BOBBY, Mehdi Thiriot, and Sebastien Blanchot.

The quartet play a unique blend of ambient/experimental electronica, acoustic instrumental post rock and modern classical. The album is made up of four lengthy and expansive movements that explore several areas musically. The album as a whole is highly immersive and utterly captivating. The terms that come to mind when I listen to are “beautiful”, “moving” and “haunting” and I am sure that it will resonate with many of you in the same way. The songwriting/composition on the album is incredible and incorporates several vastly different elements. While parts of the release are truly soothing others hold some real tension, presenting the listener with a wide range of emotions.

It is not all that often that music can smoothly blend fully classical compositions, post rock and electronic elements and make them feel like it’s completely natural to do so. Nothing about the release feels vaguely forced and this again comes back to the composing ability of the band. The transitions between segments within each movement is seamless and despite some parts feeling incredibly different in energy, tone and texture there is never any awkwardness or abruptness in the shift. The mixing also needs to be praised, as every individual element shines through, which is no easy feat given how much is going on at some points on the album.

The string instruments on the album add an impressive amount of depth and emotion to the mix and are complimented by the lighter, but equally as expressive acoustic elements. The keyboard adds even more depth and character to the mix, as does the inclusion of wind instruments. and Layered beneath all of these elements are the atmospheric/experimental electronic textures that complete the albums sound. Without these it just wouldn’t have the same depth or emotional range. They take the music to places that instruments simply could not on their own. They re-enforce both the lighter, more ethereal parts on the album, as well as the more chaotic and ominous parts. Lastly, we have those somber spoken word audio clips that really tie things together nicely and make the music feel that much more personal and relatable.

The band state that their entire intention as a project was to research and experiment with sound in a studio environment, without any constraints and I would have to say that they achieved this goal and then some. Personally, I found this release to be extremely moving and will definitely be coming back to it for yet another playthrough when I have more time to fully appreciate something beautiful in full. So, if you want music that will engage you both mentally and emotionally, then give this a spin today.

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