BREATHS – Still In Dreams Track/Lyric Video Premiere


Exclusive Still In Dreams Lyric Video Premiere


Jason Roberts: (vocals, guitar, synth, bass, programming, engineering, mixing, mastering)

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BREATHS – Floruit (Coming in July)

Album: Floruit
Label: Trepanation Recordings
Release Date: July 21, 2023
Location: Richmond, Virginia

Floruit, which means “a period of flourishing (as of a person or movement)” is Breaths’ third proper full-length album (excluding 2022’s instrumental ambient album, Isolera). Floruit is a doomgaze soundtrack to the end of the world, a concept album based on the idea that all of humanity’s accomplishments throughout history have ultimately led to our demise and that of the planet on which we live. We continue to build, innovate, and exploit all of the planet’s resources, so much so that we have brought about our imminent destruction. Some feel that, at this point, there is no turning back, while others believe the Earth and humans can be saved. I suppose only time will tell, but as Floruit points out there is a choice to be made and action to be taken if we are to survive.

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