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BRAT – Grime Boss


Artist: BRAT

Album: Grime Boss

Label: Independent

Release Date: 18/02/2022

Country: United States

I decided to check out New Orlean band BRAT‘s Grime Boss EP due to the fact that you really don’t see too many extreme metal albums with fluffy pink cover art. I had no idea what to expect going into the album, but boy was I glad that I checked it out.

Grime Boss is a fantastic blend of death metal, grindcore, hardcore and powerviolence elements all rolled up into one short yet powerful package. The full release is only made up of 4 songs and comes in at just under 8 minutes total length. Let me tell you though, that each and every one of those minutes is packed to the brim with killer riffs, powerful raspy vocals and raw aggression. The guitar work is what really does it for me on this release, but the vocals definitely come in close behind. Furiously fast paced grind inspired riffs cut through waves of feedback, breaking out into slower, dirtier blends of hardcore and death metal.

Liz Selfish really kills it on vocals almost reminding me to some extent of a less guttural Memoriam era Karl Willetts. The drum work on the release doesn’t really let up and keeps pace and energy with the guitar work. Lastly the bass is thick and chunky with a bit of bounce to it, every so often showing those hardcore elements. Although those hardcore influences have been stripped back since the band’s last EP Mean is What We Aim For, which also sported a pink album cover.

Overall, this is a short but solid release from a band that have a very unique sound and energy to their music. I can already see a progression in style since their last release (which I listened to after discovering this album) and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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